Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm Alive

No, you are not dreaming. This is an actual post to my blog! Hard to believe, I know! Since it has been so long I wouldn't even know where to start so it's all about the photos...that's all anyone really cares about anyway right? Right! Enjoy.

My mom and I took the kids out to Jetty Island on one of the last weekends the ferry ran. It was so so soooo much fun I don't know why I wasn't there everyday, with or without my kids!!
I hope genes get me looking this good when I'm a grammy at the beach!!

It's a pretty big deal for both of them to like sand this year! My mom burried them!
Where'd they go?
Me and my girl at Pappys house!
My crew eating at the Taco Truck with Papps.
The girls (minus Lilly & Juno) over for a playdate!My mom and I took the kids to Stocker Farms pumpkin festival this year too! It was really fun for the kids, tons of stuff to do!
D got his face painted...he got to choose from a big sheet of pictures...he chose what any manly man would choose, a rainbow!! and it gets worse..see halloween pics below...

Ari practicing the hula-hoop!

We took a hay-ride around the farm and they did a pumpkin shoot out of a cannon. I love this excited they both were right when it shot out!
Noah and Auntie were in town for a visit a couple weeks ago, of course those pics are all still on my camera..but if you want to see more check my sisters always-updated-and-current-blog--->
I love this one of the little mans first taste of pho...extra sriracha just like his dad!
I can't figure out why my kids like going to Auntie Jessica's house? It might have something to do with the enormous "slices" of cake she let's them have! Right after this photo she let them shove their faces in it and eat with no hands!

Lills and Anns...sooo BFF's..I love it

D likes to take showers now instead of baths, but he doesn't like the water in his he made what he calls his "shower umbrella"


My little Phantom. He chose this costume because it came with red light up eyes and a sickle. The sickle was quickly put up out of reach because I'm pretty sure we were all in danger while this was in D's possession.

Cutest Dorothy EVER!
Ari and Morgan trick or treating! D is back there too if you look. He refused to say "trick or treat" and insisted on "happy Halloween" instead. He also tried to negotiate which treats he got at most houses, and said "I'm a phantom" until each homeowner responded to him...
I love Ari's face in this picture, she was having sooo much fun!

Morgan's dog Jack, dressed up like a Ladybug just like her! Very tough-dog costume!

The fire station had free hot dogs & hot chocolate if you brought in cans of food for the food drive...not sure why but Ari was soooo excited for this part.
Stacey and me!
Cute girls!!
D and his Best Friend, Jess-ca...Notice his face painting. Once again out of a book full of scary spiders, ghosts, pirates..ect..D chose not ONE but TWO pink hearts...That's my lover boy.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ari's Race

A couple weeks ago Ari raced in the Aquafest Aquarun-fun run for kids. It was a 2k race, so a little over a mile. She was so excited! She did great!!! I was a little nervous with her little lungs and I'm sure I drove her a little crazy asking her every 2 mins if her chest hurt...but she was fine. We ran into my friend Nikki and her kids were running in it too! Ari hasn't played with Candie in a while but she never forgets a friend, and she was super excited to get to run with her!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Slumber party at Juno's house

The kids and I got out of the heat last week with an overnighter at Juno's house. Juno had AC put in earlier in the year and it was niiiice! You should note that "Juno's house" was formerly known as "Greg & Jessica's house", but in a short few weeks, I'm pretty sure little Jun-bug has been given the reigns and is the leader the pack!!
The kids love going to their house. I can't say for sure if it's just how fun Greg & Jess are, or Jessica's selection of junk food, but either way they get very excited when they know we're headed to Ballard! Come to think of it, I'm still not sure which of those options is my reason for heading down there so often? lol
Lilly & Juno got to play, and these little tiny cute puppies play hard. It was non-stop wrestle mania until Lilly finally passed out in the deepest sleep ever. Jessica trimmed her hair,cleaned her eyes & brushed her out while she was asleep and she didn't move an inch. OK, enough puppy talk, they are so cute together, it's hard to stop!
We had a fun, cool, easy sleeping night! (Our house has been sooooo hot at night, the kids sleep fine, but I have been miserable!)

I won't lie, the 2 photos you see below, were actually 1 shot, I was holding both the puppies, they both looked at the camera and it was the perfect shot. However, if you look close in the top right/left corner you can see my huge double chin, almost like I was forcing it out there for the world, so bad, even Jess knew she had to edit the photo. It is NOT easy getting two puppies to post together either!!

The kids having the best bath ever in the Zevely's "hot tub" bath tub! Non stop bubbles & jets & deep water!!
My lover boy
and my sassy 5 year old...

yes, sassy!
3 tuckered out little ones.
Ari showing off her new shirt from Auntie Jessica! and please don't zoom in on D's under-roos. He forgot his backpack, and the only clean undies we had were his sisters! Pink & purple Curious George, at least there is a monkey on them and they are clean right!!
Starting off the morning with finger paints...Jessica is either the coolest person ever, or completely insane! Have you seen her kitchen??
Ari & Juno
Finally the sister's snuggled together on Juno's bed
The following night I came back down to Juno's and Jess & I went to the Kenny Chesney concert with our friend Jill & her girlfriend Melanie. We had a great time, the concert was a blast and I had a night off with no kiddos!

Group shot, Jess, Me, Jill & Melanie. This was taken buy a guy in the row in front of us, who really seemed to enjoy taking our picture. He asked on his own I think 3 times if he could take a picture of us...
It's important to always have a lot of these photos when we're together, not sure why!
The girls again, taken by another one of our new friends behind us!

Jill & Melanie...Love that hat...& the shirtless boy behind you! This was definitely late in the evening!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kids Pictures

My sis and I had the kids pictures taken when she was in town earlier in the month. It was a little hectic trying to get a 5 year old, 3 year old & 4 month old to cooperate at the same time, so I was a little nervous on how they would turn out, well... The photos turned out so good! I can't wait to blow a couple of them up!
My sis has the ones of Noah alone, so I can't post any of them..but I'm sure they are just as cute!
The girl who took them went to HS with my sis..she is soo good! Highly recommended!

I love this one down below. The kids were getting antsy so I promised them Mcdonalds if they were good...this was Ari really really wanting Mcd's and trying to convince D to smile good!