Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas, finally!

Christmas Eve morning started with an early visit from euro-Wayde, I mean Santa Wade...He came by and dropped some presents off for the kiddos. He's such a good best friend to D. Just ask Darren who is best friend is...he'll tell you..."Wayde my best friend"
My cake! "white chocolate obsession cake"
My kids were really lacking this year, this is before Santa came...
Christmas love...
Uncle Brad did good!
Missy with her Barbie Diamond Castle stuff...talk about a cult...
Fancy ladies
Santa always brings the kids new jammies on Christmas eve
D in his new jammies, having his dinner (see video below). This kid's a health nut
After dinner bro's
Leaving cookies & chocolate milk for Santa
More lovin'
Santa did come, I guess the kids were good this year...coulda fooled me
Seriousness opening presents
Ari and her "Baby Alive" she poops & pees...She's actually quite needy.."play with me mommy, I'm hungry mommy, I'm full mommy, gotta go potty,hurry hurry, can i have a hug, can we sing..." that thing NEVER STOPS! Kind of like a real baby!
New Spidey Shades

After gifts at home we went over to YaYa & Grampa's house and what do you know, Santa had been there too!
Ari opening her Princess Liana dress...
Less than a minute later...
Diamond Castle tea-set...sensing a theme here for Ari..
After YaYa & Grampas we went over to Jon's Uncle Kirks house. Literally the best meal ever..I wish they hosted a "christmas dinner" once a month...we'd be there. I didn't get any photo's but we had a great time and got to see all the cousins on that side that we never see which is always fun! They are all so fun and nice. I can't wait for next year!
*Note to Janet, I will be needing more frosted sugar cookies next year...!!
This was Ari's big gift this year...I had cleared out that corner of room room the weekend before so it would be all ready! She was so excited (so was I ) and she just loves taking care of her new dollies in here!
A few extra shots from xmas week:
I had to take Ari to the Doc's for her cold, and all the nurses thought she was looking especially cute, I agree'd and figured i better get a shot. Yes, my camera is glued to me!
Grammy took D to the mall while we were at the docs and surprised me with this new hat/jacket...I heard he was turning some heads as well! He calls it his cowboy hat...I said he was cute, not a genius!
This was just funny because D didn't eat much for dinner on xmas eve..too busy. But I found him in his room later with his version of a Holiday meal:

Then my mom and I were in the kitchen after Jon went to bed and D came out to find us:

Quick shot of D opening gifts at YaYa & Grampa's...He certainly didn't need any help this year!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I haven't had time to post anything about our fun fun FUN Christmas this year! It was so amazing and way to quick...Long gone are the days of taking my time with my stocking, and slowly opening our gifts one at a time so Christmas morning lasts all morning. Nope, it was gone in a blizzard of wrapping paper yesterday! Most importantly the kids had fun, and got way to much stuff. I guess my idea of not going overboard didn't go so well. I had too much fun picking out gifts this year. OK, back to my point of the title of this post. I don't have any time to post right now so I'm leaving you with a teaser...Jon and I are off to AZ tomorrow AM to watch the Hawks play their last game this season, and Holmgren's last game coaching! It should be a short and fun trip! I promise lots of Xmas photos on here when I'm safely on the ground in Sea-town again.

OK, maybe 2 photos

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Today is Jessica's big 30!!
Who would have thought Georgica would still be Georgica after 17 1/2 long years! Yup, that's when I met my Baby Girl, on the first day of 7th grade, I (nervously) asked her to be my locker partner. (you see I was very shy and it was the first day of middle school that took guts) but...She said NO..yup..she already had one and said no. I later found out she thought I was a snob because I carried a purse to school. (another side note, I DIDN'T want to take my purse to school, but my mom and sis insisted, thanks). Anyways..we ended up getting together at her house, which I though was the coolest place ever! We started drinking Jolt together and she told me she shaved her legs, but not to tell her mom if it came up during dinner! lol...I wish I was spending your 30th birthday with you Jess! I love you! Happy Birthday! And we will be celebrating sometime soon I promise...la ha & taco bell...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Round 3 Coming soon..

We're stuck at home awaiting tonight's storm! They said in our area we might get like 9 inches of snow! If that is the case, we'll have so much snow here! We still have a foot on the ground at least! It would be pretty cool to see, as long as we don't loose power, I'm always up for a good storm! It's not like I have anywhere I have to be! Bring it on!

Trying to stay warm inside

My little home-maker

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow! Snow! Snow! Round 2

D is feeling better, Ari is still pretty sick, but we did get out today for a few minutes to play in the snow. I figured 10 mins of fresh air might do her good! D and I built a snow(wo)man & Ari helped by bringing out the accessories for it..I'm sure you'll be able to tell from the pics that she had a hand in it!
I cannot believe how much snow we have! I measured 8 inches this morning, and it's supposed to snow some more tonight!! I love it and I hope it keeps coming down!!

So much snow! I took this before it started snowing again!
It is pretty up here in the snow that's for sure!

Our snowman or snow-woman..Poor D surrounded by girls all day

Going in for a hug and kiss, he knocked it over :(

Our big tree looked really pretty today covered in snow!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow! Snow! Snow!

I love the snow! It's supposed to snow some more wed. night or so I'm told and I hope it does! The kids had a great time playing in it this weekend until D got sick...Now Ari is sick also and I'm hoping they just get better by Christmas. Anyways, here our fun times in the snow....so far!!

First snow of the year!!

My Snow babies Always stylish

Snow Angels
Grammy & Ari getting ready for their snow ball fight!

This video was just too funny (at least to us) to not put on the blog. My mom was trying to convince Ari to try sledding down her yard...

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