Monday, December 1, 2008


Thanksgiving is here and gone and Christmas is next! I'm pretty excited this year! Each year it gets more and more fun with the kids as they start to understand it more. Well they don't really understand the "real" meaning of it...but they start to get Santa coming down the chimney while their sleeping...hmmm, can't figure out why Ari would be scared of a big man who comes into our house while she's sleeping?
Back to the post...Thanksgiving was Awesome! We celebrated at our house and had tons of great food. We all made turkey hats and just hung out! We missed Fred and Vic since they had a little scare and were at the hospital for most of the day...but the best news was that everything was good so that made Thanksgiving even more special, even if they were only their in spirit! Sarah and Kirk brought some dinner to them that night so basically it's like they were with us!
Auntie Sarah & Kirk

We made Ari's room the craft room, still finding glitter everywhere

Yee Haw, Jon in his Thanksgiving attire...
Auntie Ari, Grammy & Bill...and baby !!
Belly shot!!
Ari (2X)
Our pretty table!
My dad and his "famous" (at least to me) grilled veggies
BFF's Brad & Ari
Post dinner lounging

...and post dinner chocolate!

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wtwashingtonson said...

Love Your Photos! These are tough times, so I have rounded up some real Christmas freebies for the kids to get you all in the Christmas spirit: (I am in Allyn,WA) Washington Son,