Friday, May 15, 2009

She did it

My sister started a blog!! I have the link over there -----> on my blog!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Boy

My little Noah...

Friday, May 8, 2009


We found out at Ari's scoliosis appt this week that there are going to be some big changes around here. Her "curve" has gotten quite a bit worse over the last 6 months. The Dr. shocked us with the news that this means Ari has to be in a brace probably until she is out of school (as in High School). It's a pretty hard constrictive brace, but it is worn under the clothes, and apparently isn't always too noticeable. She has to wear it everyday for 18-20 hours. I'm still at the point of being really upset, and not yet to the "things could be a lot worse" where I'm hoping to get to soon, and deep down I really do know that is true. We are so lucky she is here and "healthy" and happy. I have heard these are usually harder on the parents, and kids tend to get used to them pretty quickly. I was just so shocked when he said how long this would be. We know this wont correct the scoliosis, but we're hoping this will slow it enough to not have to think about surgery. Which is pretty tolerable, but also requires surgery every 6 months until she is done growing. I'm praying that this brace will do the trick and slow things down. We saw the X-rays and it was quite noticeable from her last appt. I knew it had gotten worse, and I was really really nervous for this appt, I guess that is my mothers intuition.

I have to call next week to schedule an appt for an MRI and brace fitting. They will do it together since she needs to be under sedation for it. The brace is custom fitted to her body, I would assume by the time it's finished she'll be in it in around 3 weeks. The reason for the MRI is just to make sure everything looks OK. The doc's mentioned that sometimes with scoliosis a cyst can form, but he didn't seem too concerned that this was her case (since she doesn't show any signs or anything at all) but since she has to be under sedation for the fitting, it seems better to be safe than sorry.
So that is the news around here...I've been bumming, but am getting better! Ari knows about her brace, we told her, and how often she'd have to wear it, but are trying to not make it a big deal to her, so unless she brings it up we're kind of just going along like normal. My tears have been attributed to my "hurt knee" wink wink. She usually doesn't miss a beat, but I really don't think she knows the real reason I'm upset so that's good!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


For anyone who doesn't know, my sis & Noah were out here visiting the past couple weeks!! We had so much fun and my kids just love Noah, which is really cute. It took Ari a little bit longer but now she just adores him. She made up a couple songs, and has nicknamed him "smiley face". Both my kids are pretty sure his favorite song is "the best day ever" by, Spongebob Squarepants of course! I must admit, it's a catchy song, and when I sing it to him, he loves it!!

Anyways, now they are back home (boo hoo) and we are all patiently waiting for the next trip...???...???PATIENTLY...

Cousins...look at that face...He already knows to smile for the genius
Ari's first time holding cousin Noah...still smiling..
I LOVE this picture!
I watched Noah for a few hours one day while Ari had plans. He was perfect. Both kids gave him a bottle totally on their own and were being soo sooo cute...

I think this is what you call Grammy Heaven

Auntie GG

Noah & Mommy
The Feinberg clan
Lovin' kisses from his mama

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A week in pictures...

...minus Noah. For some reason the universe does not want me to post any pics of Noah and my kids this week. I have tried 3 times to get the photos from my sis' camera to my computer and each time they are gone. These are some really really cute photos too!! So, until she gets home and emails them to me, it's just my cute kids you get.

How could I ever say no to this face??

Or these buns??

We had a little party at my dads so everyone could meet Noah...D is really really into him, it's super cute!

Auntie Jennie & baby

Uncle Guy (Ben)

His hair is finally getting long enough for me to do! This might be one of my new favorite pics of D.
I'll be honest, I really like my bangs in this picture...blurry or not it's going on the blog!
This week I made cupcakes for our friends Shannon & Griffin's wedding. Griffin is Tim & Jodi's son, who I have known since I was born practically!!

I made 150 cupcakes plus a small round cake for cutting (for pictures really) and a big cupcake for the "topper" & for them to save & eat on their 1 year anniversary!

Ari was also a flower girl in the wedding and did really good! I did have to walk down the isle with her & the ring bearer which I wasn't really ready for. I told Jon normally when I know lots of people will be looking at me I make sure and suck in my stomach really good, and this was so last minute I'm pretty sure I forgot. I'm banking on the fact that Ari looked so cute no one even noticed me. Anyways- Here's the top cake & cupcake, my favorite part!!
It was no easy task making 100's of small sparkly flowers!! But always worth it because they look so cute!!
I was really happy with how they turned out!
My little flower girl
Just like her Grammy waiting for a refill..

Being REALLY REALLY cooperative for a photo!!

Seriously..this shirt is insane...sooo cute..
Sneaking a smile..I am so in love with this little guy!!
Saving the best for last!!