Tuesday, May 5, 2009


For anyone who doesn't know, my sis & Noah were out here visiting the past couple weeks!! We had so much fun and my kids just love Noah, which is really cute. It took Ari a little bit longer but now she just adores him. She made up a couple songs, and has nicknamed him "smiley face". Both my kids are pretty sure his favorite song is "the best day ever" by, Spongebob Squarepants of course! I must admit, it's a catchy song, and when I sing it to him, he loves it!!

Anyways, now they are back home (boo hoo) and we are all patiently waiting for the next trip...???...???PATIENTLY...

Cousins...look at that face...He already knows to smile for the camera..baby genius
Ari's first time holding cousin Noah...still smiling..
I LOVE this picture!
I watched Noah for a few hours one day while Ari had plans. He was perfect. Both kids gave him a bottle totally on their own and were being soo sooo cute...

I think this is what you call Grammy Heaven

Auntie GG

Noah & Mommy
The Feinberg clan
Lovin' kisses from his mama


Fer said...

Awwwww Georgia, I LOVED those pictures!!!!!!!!

Ariana said...

We MISS you guys :(

Lana said...

i love the last one of ari getting kisses from noah. so sweet. it makes me want another little baby. you can tell ari is a good mama, it seems to come pretty natural. a picture is worth a thousand words, so i can tell. also, your hair is great. i want bangs.

Beth Zarling said...

That kissing picture is so cute.

Lacey said...

They are all so sweet! My favorite picture is with Darren feeding Noah and Ari is petting his head! Love it!!

The Francois Family said...

Such sweet pictures, thanks for sharing!