Sunday, May 9, 2010


It's been a while since I've posted! I guess there's been a lot going on, and not a ton of pictures get taken by me during the winter months. My computer also hasn't been working super fast these past few months.. BUT..enough excuses, here are a few pics I have on my mom's computer.
Since it's mothers day, and my own mother has been hassling (sp?) me to update the blog..Mom..consider this you're mothers day gift!!!
-@ Seattle center with Emma and family!

Ari, Emma & D
Love him
Ari, of course, had to get something from the gift shop...She really NEEDED another notebook
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture! In fact, I may need to make this my main blogger photo!!
@ Mcdonalds on D's 4th birthday! Hard to believe my babycakes is 4 years old this year!!!
@ Seattle with Grammy for Ari's 6th birthday! Don't even ask me how she can be 6 years old already!!
Grammy took Ari on a special overnighter downtown this year. They stayed at a fancy hotel and walked allll around the market. I told my mom she would probably just want to hang out in her hotel, but turns out I was wrong. We have a little Seattlelite on our hands. They walked for miles..and cabbed around town all day!!

Headed to the pool. In her favorite outfit, Uggs and a swimsuit!
How cute is this girl...and this swimsuit!!
@ Grammy's Easter morning!! Pretty much the cutest kids in the world, I know!
D wasn't going to have anything to do with the Easter Bunny..But Ari was all about it, as long as Grammy was by her side.
oh my lord they just keep getting cuter :)
LOL...I found this on my camera
Mothers Day Cuties
My gang

YaYa and Auntie Sarah came over to Grammy's for mimosas and KFC!! yup, we did it gourmet this mother's day!! Coming from the person who normally prepares and hosts the parties, it was quite easy and relaxing!! We had a great time!!
Little Diva