Sunday, November 23, 2008


Ari has been fighting a cold all week, so on Saturday Jon took D to his family's early Thanksgiving and I stayed home so Ari could rest. We thought it would be a good time to give each other pedicures with out D's distraction. I do find it hard to have any "quiet" girl time when he's here!!

Pedicure Time...
Soaking her little feet...
Massage... Finished toes!!
I even got a little foot massage out of it...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Emily & John's Wedding!

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited Emily & John's wedding. For those that don't know Emily is been my sisters BFF since college...boy do I have some stories about them (Ari and Em that is). I used to go down and spend the night at their sorority when I was in high school still so of course I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Actually, they pretty much thought they were the coolest things ever, and well, some things don't change right ladies?? Should I have stood up at the wedding and thanked Em for all the times they bought 10 bottles of Boones & 6 packs of Schmidt Ice for Jessica and me? Back to the wedding. It was so beautiful and happy and relaxed. The ceremony was probably one of the best ceremony's I've ever been to. Besides the fact that the church was so amazingly beautiful, the ceremony it's self was awesome. It was longer than most ceremony's, and seemed quicker at the same time. I was actually interested in everything the pastor said it seemed really meaningful and special.
My sister was the MOH and looked so cute and very preggo in her dress! Bill apparently thought she looked OK too since he told me she was the "hottest mama" he'd ever seen, and she looked frickin' so amazing and beautiful...aaaahhhh...
I also need to give a huge thanks to Lana for helping us (me, my mom, my dad & his friend, yes, all in one car!) find the reception. We got completely lost for over 45 mins and I remembered that her high school reunion was at the same place. She got us there with no problems, after I'm sure being yelled at into the phone by someone in the car and being passed around on the phone....thanks Lana!!
Here are a couple pics from the fun night!

The bride, Emily looking amazing as always..yes, she's one of those girls that ALWAYS looks beautiful, I wouldn't expect anything less on her wedding day!

A couple photos of the church, it was so pretty...

The reception at Pravda Studios

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Some cute photos of the kiddo's from the past couple days...nothing to report...except I booked my first trip to Santa Fe in January and I'm super excited! The kids and I are going to fly home with my sister and stay for a week! Can't wait! Should be/Might be really snowy!!

D's new favorite thing to do is snuggle up in his bed and watch "Buzz" (Toy Story) on the little DVD player...complete with popcorn of course, and his buzz phone so he can talk directly to buzz about the movie:

Last night we watched Morgan for a few hours after school & she had dinner with us. The girls did makeup, had a tea party, got McDonald's for dinner & decorated sugar cookies for dessert! It was a fun night!!

Do you think Ari was excited?

Today my dad watched the kids for me during my Dr. appt. When I got back to his house we went off on our usual errand-running-lunch-play...We found a fun park in Everett and got a couple great shots! Including my new favorite one of Ari that I used as the main photo on the blog!

Ari got her new snow pants for winter/Santa Fe! They are so cute, I couldn't resist a picture

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fun Weekend!

As usual we kept busy this weekend, always fun though!

Friday night we celebrated my aunt Roxy's 50th birthday party with a family dinner at Anthony's, one of my favorite restaurants in Everett! I even decided to leave the kids at Jon's parents so we could have a "peaceful" dinner! They had a blast with YaYa & Grampa making princess & prince crowns, Ari got to use glitter which is her favorite thing in the world so she was in heaven.
My mom & Jennie
Jennie, me & Ari
Ari, Jon & Bill
Birthday cake by me of course!
The birthday girl, Aunt Roxy!
My mom...& a glass of champagne..
My sis & our Grandparents!
Lance, Roxy & Jennie

Saturday Stacy & I took Ari & Morgan to High School Musical, The Ice Tour. We had front row seats and it was super fun, and even more super expensive! We're talking double the price of Disneyland, hello?? Aside from the $18 programs (yes, $18 programs) it was great! Ari was a little scared the firs half. She hates being inside places that get dark..and they dimmed the lights a during intermission I got her a light up microphone (we won't discuss the price) and she was THRILLED the whole 2nd half. Plus I think she knew more of the songs from the 2nd half too so that was fun!

Ari & Morgan with their matching shirts!

Ari also got to help me make pancakes! She loves to help me in the kitchen, and I love her help! I'm hoping she always enjoys it as much as I do (cooking that is) because it's one of my favorite things to do! Back to pancakes, this time I actually let her pour the mix onto the hot pan which I don't normally do. Considering I always burn myself I figure it best to keep her away too!

Friday, November 7, 2008


Last week my sister and I took the kids to the Seattle Aquarium. It was one of our last sunny warm fall days! The kids loved seeing all the sea critters..Ari even touched a couple (you know my brave kids, that's a big thing!)..not sure when she got more brave then D who wouldn't go near them. He was however super excited about the pirates that were everywhere. Actually they were skeletons for Halloween, but he thinks those are pirates, and I'm not about to explain to a 2 1/2 year old what a skeleton really is?? Best part for little Ari (& big Ari too) was Red Robin for lunch I'm sure! Must be something with the name..but those girls LOOOOVE Red Robin!!
Here are some photos from our fun day! I even snuck one of a little baby bump!



Little baby bump in octopus jail

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ice Skating!

So Ari has been obsessed the movie Ice Princess for about a year now. She has always wanted to go ice skating but to be honest I didn't realize that toddlers could even do it! Until I saw in blog world that Sydney went a couple months ago! I was so excited! Soon after I got the fall Everett Parks & rec. guide and they had a mom & tot ice skating class in October. Unfortunately not enough people signed up so the class was cancelled, they have another one in January that I'm hoping will be one! OK, my point of this post is that today I finally took the kids! Well with the help of trusty Auntie Jennie! (actually she came up last night and spent the night so it was really a fun 24 hours for my kids). In case you didn't know they are a little obsessed with her. It isn't hard to see why. She PLAYS with the kids! All the time, simple as that! During family dinners or parties or anything where they are together she just plays with them! The nice thing is she can actually tell them no too and they listen! OK..back to the topic...We took the kids today to the ice rink and it was so fun! I thought they would only last like 15 min or so and they were on the ice for over an hour! They had to hold our hands the whole time of course, but they did so well! I can't wait to take them again.

First time on the ice!
D & Auntie skating

Do you think Ari wanted to be in this picture? sassy girl...

Luv bug

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