Thursday, November 13, 2008


Some cute photos of the kiddo's from the past couple days...nothing to report...except I booked my first trip to Santa Fe in January and I'm super excited! The kids and I are going to fly home with my sister and stay for a week! Can't wait! Should be/Might be really snowy!!

D's new favorite thing to do is snuggle up in his bed and watch "Buzz" (Toy Story) on the little DVD player...complete with popcorn of course, and his buzz phone so he can talk directly to buzz about the movie:

Last night we watched Morgan for a few hours after school & she had dinner with us. The girls did makeup, had a tea party, got McDonald's for dinner & decorated sugar cookies for dessert! It was a fun night!!

Do you think Ari was excited?

Today my dad watched the kids for me during my Dr. appt. When I got back to his house we went off on our usual errand-running-lunch-play...We found a fun park in Everett and got a couple great shots! Including my new favorite one of Ari that I used as the main photo on the blog!

Ari got her new snow pants for winter/Santa Fe! They are so cute, I couldn't resist a picture


jon and nichole said...

your kids are just too freaking cute...i love it!

btw - those really really hungry right now...geezez!!

Lana said...

the one of ari in her snowsuit is so cute. she looks like your mom. she looks like all of you keese girls...

Rachel said...

ok - all the pics are adorable and fun... but my fav is D's new fav thing!!! The popcorn, the buzz phone and his portable DVD player.... TOOOOOOOOOO cute! I love your previous blog too!! Marc loves cooking in the kitchen with me. It's probably my favorite thing to do :) It looks like Ari is going to be quite the little chef :)