Monday, November 10, 2008

Fun Weekend!

As usual we kept busy this weekend, always fun though!

Friday night we celebrated my aunt Roxy's 50th birthday party with a family dinner at Anthony's, one of my favorite restaurants in Everett! I even decided to leave the kids at Jon's parents so we could have a "peaceful" dinner! They had a blast with YaYa & Grampa making princess & prince crowns, Ari got to use glitter which is her favorite thing in the world so she was in heaven.
My mom & Jennie
Jennie, me & Ari
Ari, Jon & Bill
Birthday cake by me of course!
The birthday girl, Aunt Roxy!
My mom...& a glass of champagne..
My sis & our Grandparents!
Lance, Roxy & Jennie

Saturday Stacy & I took Ari & Morgan to High School Musical, The Ice Tour. We had front row seats and it was super fun, and even more super expensive! We're talking double the price of Disneyland, hello?? Aside from the $18 programs (yes, $18 programs) it was great! Ari was a little scared the firs half. She hates being inside places that get dark..and they dimmed the lights a during intermission I got her a light up microphone (we won't discuss the price) and she was THRILLED the whole 2nd half. Plus I think she knew more of the songs from the 2nd half too so that was fun!

Ari & Morgan with their matching shirts!

Ari also got to help me make pancakes! She loves to help me in the kitchen, and I love her help! I'm hoping she always enjoys it as much as I do (cooking that is) because it's one of my favorite things to do! Back to pancakes, this time I actually let her pour the mix onto the hot pan which I don't normally do. Considering I always burn myself I figure it best to keep her away too!


Lana said...

Ari is looking like such a big girl these days. She's definitely not a baby anymore :-( I can't believe how expensive HSM on Ice was--it's a little out of control!!

jon and nichole said...

it looks like you had an awesome weekend...and i seriously cant believe how expensive HSM was...but im sure the memories for ari are well worth the cost :)

hope to see you soon!