Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ice Skating!

So Ari has been obsessed the movie Ice Princess for about a year now. She has always wanted to go ice skating but to be honest I didn't realize that toddlers could even do it! Until I saw in blog world that Sydney went a couple months ago! I was so excited! Soon after I got the fall Everett Parks & rec. guide and they had a mom & tot ice skating class in October. Unfortunately not enough people signed up so the class was cancelled, they have another one in January that I'm hoping will be one! OK, my point of this post is that today I finally took the kids! Well with the help of trusty Auntie Jennie! (actually she came up last night and spent the night so it was really a fun 24 hours for my kids). In case you didn't know they are a little obsessed with her. It isn't hard to see why. She PLAYS with the kids! All the time, simple as that! During family dinners or parties or anything where they are together she just plays with them! The nice thing is she can actually tell them no too and they listen! OK..back to the topic...We took the kids today to the ice rink and it was so fun! I thought they would only last like 15 min or so and they were on the ice for over an hour! They had to hold our hands the whole time of course, but they did so well! I can't wait to take them again.

First time on the ice!
D & Auntie skating

Do you think Ari wanted to be in this picture? sassy girl...

Luv bug

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Stacy O said...

Yahhh! That is so awesome! The kids did great! Looks like they had a blast. I love that the guys helped Darren-kids are such a good guy magnet, except of course we're married and stuff. Who would've thought??? ;)
How fun, when I pop out this kid it'd be fun to go skating with you guys-dependent on a sitter for baby of course.

Jessica Zevely said...

I wonder where Stacy could get a sitter....???? Ha ha.

Neat...I can't watch the videos yet..but I will when I get home :)

mimi said...

hey george, clem plays hockey and we would love to come up and skate. gracie is slow learning but would to think that she is "helping ari and darren" she gets surgery in march and will be laid up for a while...maybe over the holidays! mimi

Lacey said...

Looks like so much fun!!! Next time you go give me a call and I would love to bring Tatum.

Lana said...

that video of darren with jenny is so funny! he's so stinkin' cute!