Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Not much news from our house from the last couple weeks! I guess that's always good! Just been hanging out and enjoying summer (which appears to be gone momentarily).

Grammy came back from Hawaii and brought the kids back the cutest outfits ever! Ari LOOVES her hula girl outfit..and D, well he's pretty much the cutest surfer dude ever!!

Ari and Grammy in their matching shirts!

Ari's ballet class hasn't been going quite as well as expected. She is just so unsure of leaving my side and joining the group. I feel terrible for her, because she is so excited about it, and loves to dance, and play with other kids, but once we get in the class, she just freezes up. So I got a chance to talk to the teacher about her history and stuff, which was good. She was/is super nice and said i can stay in the room with her all i want, and even join in the dancing if that will help Ari get used to it. (Lucky me, with all the other parents watching!) But I'll do what i need to! We just decided we'll keep coming, and even if it takes a year i know she will eventually join in. You always want your child to join the group, and play, and have fun like all the other kids, i start to get down about it...Then i quickly remember how much she has been through and that what's really important (to me anyways) is that she is HERE! and happy and healthy & she'll do what shes ready to do in her own time. ok, just went off a little bit there, sorry! Here are some pics from my little ballerina!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

4th of July Pics from Erika!

Erika took some amazing photos of the kids on over the 4th of July weekend up at the cabin! While a party setting isn't always the best scenario for a photo shoot with my kids, she got so many amazing photos I was shocked!! I had about 200 to go I just tried to put my favs on here! Thank you so much for taking all of these Erika!! You need to start charging...except family is always free right??

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A really SUPER FUN Tuesday!!

Yup, that's what it was! We just had a plain old great day on Tuesday this week! The weather was Fabulous and we even got a normal nap in. (you know me, I like to have scheduled naps)

First, Ari had her first ballet class at The Dance School in downtown Everett. She did SOOO well! She started to take ballet last year at a different spot and did not like it at all. The teacher was strange, and I didn't care for her much either so we only went twice. This time was a much better experience. She didn't participate a whole lot, and wanted me in the room, rather than outside the door looking in. But she loved it, and I can tell she is going to do really well with this class. It's perfect for her because there are only 5 little girls in the class and her teacher, Miss Vanessa, was really great with her! She think it's pretty cool to go get changed in the dressing room, and as she told me "I don't need you to go in there with me". After class, walking to our car, I told her I was so so proud of her, and she did so good, her response: " I know, I am so so proud of me too, I can't believe how good I did". Gotta love that girl. Unfortunately I left my camera in my car, so more pics to come from ballet next week!

Next, We went to Target to get her a new Ballet outfit and some new bubbles!! We also needed to waste some time so we could get lunch at McDonald's (as promised for doing so good at ballet). We took our lunch back to Grammy's house for a picnic outside. Grammy is still in HI, so we went to visit her kitty and take care of the plants and stuff. I told Ari she had a "green thumb" because she was helping me so well with watering the plants, she said, "actually I have a blue thumb", turns out her watering can was

After the kids nap we headed to Forest Park to play in the water. It was soo crazy busy..but the kids still had a great time! Auntie Jennie met us there after work which is always exciting for the kids! We opted to move the party to her new apt's pool! We were the only ones in this awesome pool! The kids had so much fun "swimming". I'm pretty sure Darren would just jump into the deep end if I let him!

Then we went home and had BBQ hot dogs for dinner! At the end of the day, Ari puts the back of her hand on her forehead and stressfully says " I am really tired, i need to just go to bed, we had a really long day today...uugggh"

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My big birthday weekend...

Ok, maybe most people were celebrating the 4th of July..but close enough..We headed up to Fred and Vicki's property in Tahuya for a long 4th of July weekend. We had a blast! The weather, I thought, was really good, other than the fact that it decided to POUR only during the big TAHUYA DAY celebration. I put the kids (and Jon) down for a nap at it cleared right up! The kids had a blast! Ari cried when we left..she said she wanted to spend "5 days" there..and also was non too happy about saying goodbye to Sasha. (Uncle Kirks 11 week old pointer, who also happens to look EXACTLY like Moose, for those at there that remember him). We ate yummy BBQ,drinks, smores, drinks, swimming, get the picture. There was almost enough people there to tire Darren here is our little mini-trip in pictures...

On the ferry ride over

This is why we don't have many family photos...

"whatcha up to Josh...
D kicked all their butt's at "washers"
The girl loooves the camera...and herself!!

Ari took this one of YaYa...! She's actually pretty good with the camera..
My little firecracker

Mr. Tahuya 2008
Seriously..who does this look like?
Darren + one double chocolate candy dipped ice cream + rainstorm= BIG MESS
I just love this shot

One of Grampa Freds "virgin" drinks..

Headed back home..
Waiting in the ferry line to go home..
World's best dog