Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Not much news from our house from the last couple weeks! I guess that's always good! Just been hanging out and enjoying summer (which appears to be gone momentarily).

Grammy came back from Hawaii and brought the kids back the cutest outfits ever! Ari LOOVES her hula girl outfit..and D, well he's pretty much the cutest surfer dude ever!!

Ari and Grammy in their matching shirts!

Ari's ballet class hasn't been going quite as well as expected. She is just so unsure of leaving my side and joining the group. I feel terrible for her, because she is so excited about it, and loves to dance, and play with other kids, but once we get in the class, she just freezes up. So I got a chance to talk to the teacher about her history and stuff, which was good. She was/is super nice and said i can stay in the room with her all i want, and even join in the dancing if that will help Ari get used to it. (Lucky me, with all the other parents watching!) But I'll do what i need to! We just decided we'll keep coming, and even if it takes a year i know she will eventually join in. You always want your child to join the group, and play, and have fun like all the other kids, i start to get down about it...Then i quickly remember how much she has been through and that what's really important (to me anyways) is that she is HERE! and happy and healthy & she'll do what shes ready to do in her own time. ok, just went off a little bit there, sorry! Here are some pics from my little ballerina!


rosieposie said...

your kids are so freaking adorable! love ya george :)

Jessica Zevely said...

Oh my gosh, your kids are so ugly....

Ha ha, I can't even keep a straight face when I say that. That pic of Ari with her pink hoodie zip up is my new fave picture of her..and D...well, we all know he's the love of my life :)

Ricki-Ratzzi said...

Ridicuoulsly cute. It's so great you're there with her!!!

Lana said...

i agree with jessica. that pic of air is way too cute. will you email it to me?? pretty please?

Stacy O said...

Oh my goodness, those pictures are awesome! Man your kids are cute. And so is your mom, what a cute grandma!!

Oh boy, I hear you about the ballet. It took us quite a while for Sydney to finally dance without me in the room. Like over two months. I have to say the one thing I didn't want my child to be was shy...I was shy as a kid and you miss out on so much so I completely understand what you are saying. Ari has been through a lot and she'll get there. You're such a great mom and your support will give her the confidence to do it all by herself soon. I wish Sydney and Ari were in the same age group ballet class- for Sydney having a friend in class was a HUGE help.