Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My big birthday weekend...

Ok, maybe most people were celebrating the 4th of July..but close enough..We headed up to Fred and Vicki's property in Tahuya for a long 4th of July weekend. We had a blast! The weather, I thought, was really good, other than the fact that it decided to POUR only during the big TAHUYA DAY celebration. I put the kids (and Jon) down for a nap at it cleared right up! The kids had a blast! Ari cried when we left..she said she wanted to spend "5 days" there..and also was non too happy about saying goodbye to Sasha. (Uncle Kirks 11 week old pointer, who also happens to look EXACTLY like Moose, for those at there that remember him). We ate yummy BBQ,drinks, smores, drinks, swimming, drinks...you get the picture. There was almost enough people there to tire Darren out...so here is our little mini-trip in pictures...

On the ferry ride over

This is why we don't have many family photos...

"whatcha up to Josh...
D kicked all their butt's at "washers"
The girl loooves the camera...and herself!!

Ari took this one of YaYa...! She's actually pretty good with the camera..
My little firecracker

Mr. Tahuya 2008
Seriously..who does this look like?
Darren + one double chocolate candy dipped ice cream + rainstorm= BIG MESS
I just love this shot

One of Grampa Freds "virgin" drinks..

Headed back home..
Waiting in the ferry line to go home..
World's best dog


Lana said...

the pics of the kids are amazing george! i had a good time with you guys, rain and all. and, anna is the best dog ever. i can't believe she jumped off the bulkhead, it was so fun to watch!

Jessica Zevely said...

Wow, Lana is so quick! I thought I would be the first one to see this today! The pics are SO cute...and that dog??? Um...I think it's a sign that you guys need another "moostafa", what do you think?

Jessica Zevely said...

Oh, and where is the video of Darren being sad?

Stacy O said...

CUTE!!! Love the pictures. Hope you had a great birthday too.