Sunday, June 29, 2008

You know it's too hot when...

It's sunny outside but I'm encouraging the kids to take a break and watch some TV, and I'm online!
Normally at any glimmer of sun we pack it up and head outside...but today it is just HOT...While the kids are soundly, I figured I should update this!
Been a while since I last posted, so rather than bore everyone with a 10 page blog about what's been going on, (which is really nothing) I figure I'll just post some picks from the last couple weeks! I'm pretty sure that's all anyone really wants to see here's some photos of the worlds cutest toddlers..(I cant say babies anymore since Maizey Lou has for sure taken over the role as the worlds cutest baby!)
Making Brownies for daddy!

D got some new big boy undershirts (aka "wifebeaters", but how cute!)

Ari got her very own ice cream cone in the car one day while D was sleeping, for doing so good with her potty training! still no accidents even overnight! boom, just like that!

Making Ice Cream for daddy...and mommy...and brother...and her! She's quite the little cook!

ummm, I might have to let Jon post a blog entry to explain this. I was gone one night with the kids, and this photo was on my camera...

We had a playdate at Sydney's house a couple weeks ago! they had so much fun!
Here's Ari doing the big girl swing! Her new favorite thing!!

Brody and Sydney swinging!

Ari and Sydney swinging. Ari had so much fun over at her house. She did tell me however that pretty soon she'd like to go over there with no boys. I think the two of them would get along great!!

D just being cute, as usual

Jumping on some big pillows!

Time for night night, notice my son puts the pillow over him...always the smart one Darren!

This is my little buddy Brody. Jessica was his nanny the first part of this year, and I'm so sad she's done! He is so my new little BFF and him and D have had so much fun together this summer!

We met Jess and Brody at Kohls, the boys wanted to hold hands while we pushed them

Sooo stinking' cute!

I can't even tell you how many pictures on Brody's stairs we have! But how cute are these 3?

Ari giving Brody some loves..

The boys at our house for a playdate...Taking a chip break..

Ari livin' the good life!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fathers Day!

Fathers day was so nice this year! I think the best part was just waking up to BLUE SKY!! How fun was that!! It's been too long!! Ya Ya & Grampa & Auntie Sarah & Kirk came over for yummy brunch in the morning! We got to enjoy mimosas on the deck which is always nice! We must have been having too much fun because i never took any pictures!! Bummer! After brunch Jon and his dad took the bikes out for a nice ride and Vicki got to stay back and play with the kids! (which means I had some more mimosa time! Yay!!) After the kids naps we went over to Pappy's house for a bbq, fathers day/auntie's birthday celebration. Aunt Genie was in from NJ and everyone was there! We had so much fun! D got to play with Uncle Guy (Ben) again and then chased around Uncle Robb for next 4 hours...I think he has a new BFF! Ari got to spend some time with Gracie which was also really fun! She has been talking about her since the wedding!! Too bad we don't live closer to them!! Clem also passed on some of his Thomas stuff to Darren which was so nice because that stuff is PRICEY!! holy moly!! All in all it was a really fun, relaxing fathers day! And what better way to end it then w/ a "few" of grandma Jane's cookies? Of course Jon made fun of me because when no one was looking I stuck 2 of them loosely in my purse, lol. I didn't think anyone would see, but Jon happened to be looking for my keys and noticed...oops!!

Ari started off the morning with a little song and dance for us! Then she wanted me to "take about 5 pictures" of her...big surprise in all her poses!!

The Birthday Princess:

Friday, June 13, 2008

Little Rocker

Our little princess does like to rock out!! Check out her dancing to the new Miley(Hannah Montana) song!! soo cute!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Great Wolf Water Park!!

Last weekend we took the kids to the Great Wolf Lodge & Water Park, located in beautiful Grand Mound, WA..(lol, there is NOTHING there). The kids had a blast, and we had a fun time chasing them around...but for anyone who thought this would also be a fun place for adults, not so's definitely themed around younger kids. There is a HUGE shallow area for the little ones to play in. Ari tends to be a little timid in the water, and didn't get too crazy, but she THINKS she had a great time splashing around so that's really all that's important i guess! Darren on the other hand was non stop. He was SO SOOO SOOO excited to be there. It was nice to be in a place that was all for kids. We just let them run up and down the halls of the hotel, and around the HUGE lobby. It was fun just watching them run around silly and not be in any ones way!! There was a lot of kids there, but it never felt crowded or busy. The place is pretty big! We were supposed to stay 2 nights, but ended up cancelling our reservations for sat. night. We didn't really need any more time there, and the kids were pretty pooped out!! I would recommend taking your kids there, but just staying one night, its pretty pricey (especially the food & stuff), plus, you can use the water park the whole day you check in & check out. So one nights stay, offers 2 full days at the water park. More than enough for the little ones, and the parents that are chasing them around!

It was hard to take a lot of photos, since most of the time we were wet, but i got a couple of our room, which was a "Kid Cabin". It had a separate room set up like a log cabin w/ bunk beds and a little flat screen TV! They thought it was pretty cool!! The kids also LOVED the big arcade they had. It was all black-lights and glowing. I got a little video of them dancing along to one of those dancing games where you follow the lights on the floor..pretty cute...

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Five minutes into our car ride home...