Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fathers Day!

Fathers day was so nice this year! I think the best part was just waking up to BLUE SKY!! How fun was that!! It's been too long!! Ya Ya & Grampa & Auntie Sarah & Kirk came over for yummy brunch in the morning! We got to enjoy mimosas on the deck which is always nice! We must have been having too much fun because i never took any pictures!! Bummer! After brunch Jon and his dad took the bikes out for a nice ride and Vicki got to stay back and play with the kids! (which means I had some more mimosa time! Yay!!) After the kids naps we went over to Pappy's house for a bbq, fathers day/auntie's birthday celebration. Aunt Genie was in from NJ and everyone was there! We had so much fun! D got to play with Uncle Guy (Ben) again and then chased around Uncle Robb for next 4 hours...I think he has a new BFF! Ari got to spend some time with Gracie which was also really fun! She has been talking about her since the wedding!! Too bad we don't live closer to them!! Clem also passed on some of his Thomas stuff to Darren which was so nice because that stuff is PRICEY!! holy moly!! All in all it was a really fun, relaxing fathers day! And what better way to end it then w/ a "few" of grandma Jane's cookies? Of course Jon made fun of me because when no one was looking I stuck 2 of them loosely in my purse, lol. I didn't think anyone would see, but Jon happened to be looking for my keys and noticed...oops!!

Ari started off the morning with a little song and dance for us! Then she wanted me to "take about 5 pictures" of her...big surprise in all her poses!!

The Birthday Princess:

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Jessica Zevely said...

Does this mean we should add Darren to "the club"?