Sunday, August 31, 2008

Let's talk about me!

OK, I spend most of my time bragging about how fun and cute my kids are on this blog. Well that's what blogs are for right? Now I'm going to post about how fun and cute I am...j/k. But I did want to show off some really yummy and soooo cute cupcakes that I made for a bridal shower my mom and I hosted this weekend! The bride, Sarah, is the soon to be daughter-in-law of my mom's BFF Jodi. Neither of us really knew the bride, but since Jodi is the best person (seriously) ever, we went all out and had the nicest shower for her! Her colors are teal & brown so it was easy to have fun! OK, are the pics...and yes..I made the flowers too! (I said I was gonna brag about me for once!)
I also just realized that I start out a lot of sentaces with "OK" on this whole blog, sorry folks, bad habit.

Best little helper, she will tell you she made the cupcakes ;)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Fun Day with Auntie

Last Saturday D got to spend a special day with his Auntie Ari and go to the Zoo & the park! I did take him to the zoo when he was a baby, but I don't think he remembers so this was basically his first time! He looooves animals so of course he had a great time! Although I hear he got more excited about the hot dog stand and big rocks to climb on...he's a boy, and he's related to me so you know he's a little cooky!?!

I was also a little worried about dropping him off, since he spends a lot of time with me, and is kind of a mamma's boy (I aint' complaining!), but when I said, ok mommy's gonna go..he said "ok mom, bye, knuckles" and went on about his cares in the world..

I thought this one was funny because every time he looks at the picture he says "Dinosaur...rrrroooaaarr"

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I was finally able to download some of the pictures off my camera this morning!! I have so so so soooo many to put on I suppose I should try and spread it out a little!

6 Year wedding anniversary, SEATTLE style:
Jon and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary with the kids this year at the Seahawks Scrimmage. We had a blast, though the kids weren't too excited to actually sit in their seats and watch the game! They did however enjoy the $10 popcorn $5 candy & $25 mini footballs! Yikes!! Must be nice to have no sense of money at all!! After the game Auntie Jennie came up to our house to watch the kids while Jon and I went to Alligator Soul for dinner (where we go every year on our annv.) with Nick and Jill, and to Jon's 10 year HS reunion.

Fun Day at Warm Beach!

We only made it up to Emma's FUN FUN cabin at Warm Beach once this year! But we still had a blast as usual! Ari built sand castles & played in the "pools" that they made on the beach...and D ran around naked, and I'm sorry, but his buns are about the cutest thing to ever hit the beach...I wish I could explain how amazing this beach is! I swear it is like a secret spot in WA. Just warm sandy beaches and the tide goes waaay out and the water is shallow forever, and warm..ooh, it's heaven.

My kids got one sexy grammy huh??

Best Picture Ever!!

Darren 3 hours Post Beach:

We headed up to Tahuya a couple weekends ago for the weekend with the kids & Brad. Unfortunately our summers are always so busy this was only the 2nd time we were able to make it up there! We had a great time, it was really quiet, and stormy! It was probably the wettest weekend I have had up there since I've known Jon, luckily we brought the kids some DVDs so we got to watch Bee Movie about 4 times in a row, yes we brought MOVIES(plural) but that's all we got the pleasure of watching. It finally cleared up Saturday evening so we got to have a fire and stuff...good drinks...good times...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Baby William

I'm so sorry to share that another CDH angel passed away today. Baby William Morgan (see blog to the right) passed away after a hard 24 hour fight with CDH. Please keep his family in your prayers. I can't even begin to imagine what they are going through right now.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Huge news from the Feinberg house...

I am so happy to announce, that CHARLIE'S birthday!! The little man is 4 years old already!!

OK, I'm kidding, while it is his birthday, that is not the news...


That's right! Ari is almost 12 weeks along already! Talk about being the best secret keeper ever!! I am sooo excited!! I finally will be a real true Auntie!! and Lana can tell you I like to buy 'little' goodies for the wee ones in my life!! Little Ari is quite excited herself! We saw Auntie Ari last weekend and she was asking on the way down, 1) Do we get to see the baby tonight? and, 2) Is it a boy or a girl?. It's not the easiest thing to try and explain to a 4 year old!! She is hoping for a girl, (little Ari that is). I am hoping for a boy twice as crazy as D!! lol!! I am so so so so so excited for them, and for me! How fun to be an Auntie and get to give them back when they cry!! just the fun stuff!!

Congratulations Ari & Bill & big brother Charlie!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Weekend Warriors

Most any nice weekend around our house (that we don't have to be gone) if you were to stop by, you'd find the fam packed around the chiminea! Of course by family you know I mean Brad & Wayde too. It's so much fun and makes me never want summer to be over! Here's a few pics from the past couple months of us doing what we do best, enjoying our backyard!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm Back!!

My computer was down for the last week or so, so I haven't been able to get on here and update. Of course, there is not much to update..just enjoying the summer!

Here are some pics from the last couple weeks !!

Aquafest 2008!
This is always a blast! Jon runs the 10k every year and then we meet up for the Fireman's Pancake Breakfast and walk around the fair for a while. This year Jon beat his time again!! Whoo hoo! and the kids actually went on the kiddie rides which is a big deal for my chicken kids!! They loved it! Jennie and I got to go on a few rides too which is always fun!!

Where your legs Jon?

Uvillage Summer Music!

I usually try and take the kids down here for this at least once. It was fun this year..but we picked a horrible table to sit at. We we right where all the kids stuff was going on, and it was kind of a zoo. The table next to us was about 4 moms, with at least 3 young kids EACH...and it was seriously like a mad-house. But the kids got some cotton candy and got to play in the fountain for a while, so it was actually a pretty good evening!

I just realized my camera didn't upload any more pictures! So I guess this is it for now..:) Hopefully I can get my computer fixed soon and update more often!