Sunday, August 31, 2008

Let's talk about me!

OK, I spend most of my time bragging about how fun and cute my kids are on this blog. Well that's what blogs are for right? Now I'm going to post about how fun and cute I am...j/k. But I did want to show off some really yummy and soooo cute cupcakes that I made for a bridal shower my mom and I hosted this weekend! The bride, Sarah, is the soon to be daughter-in-law of my mom's BFF Jodi. Neither of us really knew the bride, but since Jodi is the best person (seriously) ever, we went all out and had the nicest shower for her! Her colors are teal & brown so it was easy to have fun! OK, are the pics...and yes..I made the flowers too! (I said I was gonna brag about me for once!)
I also just realized that I start out a lot of sentaces with "OK" on this whole blog, sorry folks, bad habit.

Best little helper, she will tell you she made the cupcakes ;)


Lana said...

seriously--you've become the martha stewart of granite falls;-)
those cupcakes look sooo good, you should bring a couple with you on wednesday night! and ari looks so cute in that photo!

Jessica Zevely said...

Um ok...well that is just about the most cutest thing I have ever seen.....You HAVE to teach me how to do that!!! I can't wait...did you also make the "BRIDE" sign? So cute. You are so throwing my next bridal shower..ha ha :) JK.....I'll settle for a baby shower whenever that happens :)

jon and nichole said...

wowza...those cupcakes look so amazing and im seriously craving one right now...HOWEVER, they look too good to did such a great job!!!

Ariana said...

I guess you can throw me a baby shower. I mean, try putting a little effort into it though!! :) Luckily, I did get to taste one of the leftovers -- glad my sister is Martha Stewart!

lacers said...

Oh my gosh, those cupcakes are beautiful!! How did you do those flowers? You are definately talented. You'll have to give me lessons!!