Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I was finally able to download some of the pictures off my camera this morning!! I have so so so soooo many to put on I suppose I should try and spread it out a little!

6 Year wedding anniversary, SEATTLE style:
Jon and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary with the kids this year at the Seahawks Scrimmage. We had a blast, though the kids weren't too excited to actually sit in their seats and watch the game! They did however enjoy the $10 popcorn $5 candy & $25 mini footballs! Yikes!! Must be nice to have no sense of money at all!! After the game Auntie Jennie came up to our house to watch the kids while Jon and I went to Alligator Soul for dinner (where we go every year on our annv.) with Nick and Jill, and to Jon's 10 year HS reunion.

Fun Day at Warm Beach!

We only made it up to Emma's FUN FUN cabin at Warm Beach once this year! But we still had a blast as usual! Ari built sand castles & played in the "pools" that they made on the beach...and D ran around naked, and I'm sorry, but his buns are about the cutest thing to ever hit the beach...I wish I could explain how amazing this beach is! I swear it is like a secret spot in WA. Just warm sandy beaches and the tide goes waaay out and the water is shallow forever, and warm..ooh, it's heaven.

My kids got one sexy grammy huh??

Best Picture Ever!!

Darren 3 hours Post Beach:

We headed up to Tahuya a couple weekends ago for the weekend with the kids & Brad. Unfortunately our summers are always so busy this was only the 2nd time we were able to make it up there! We had a great time, it was really quiet, and stormy! It was probably the wettest weekend I have had up there since I've known Jon, luckily we brought the kids some DVDs so we got to watch Bee Movie about 4 times in a row, yes we brought MOVIES(plural) but that's all we got the pleasure of watching. It finally cleared up Saturday evening so we got to have a fire and stuff...good drinks...good times...


Ariana said...

I love that pic of D passed out on the couch!! How cute is he!

Jessica Zevely said...

I love all the pics. The one of your momma and D is WAY too cute....and the one of you and Ari...I LOVE love LOVE it!


jon and nichole said...

those pictures are so freaking cute -- and by the way -- happy anniversary!!!

Lana said...

i realize that i'm old when the seagals look like little kids to me--lucky darren got his photo with them!

Rachel said...

All the pics are great!! I love D with the seagals and the one with the kids kissing. Your mom looks great :)