Friday, August 29, 2008

Fun Day with Auntie

Last Saturday D got to spend a special day with his Auntie Ari and go to the Zoo & the park! I did take him to the zoo when he was a baby, but I don't think he remembers so this was basically his first time! He looooves animals so of course he had a great time! Although I hear he got more excited about the hot dog stand and big rocks to climb on...he's a boy, and he's related to me so you know he's a little cooky!?!

I was also a little worried about dropping him off, since he spends a lot of time with me, and is kind of a mamma's boy (I aint' complaining!), but when I said, ok mommy's gonna go..he said "ok mom, bye, knuckles" and went on about his cares in the world..

I thought this one was funny because every time he looks at the picture he says "Dinosaur...rrrroooaaarr"


Jessica Zevely said...

Oooooh! So cute! RAWR.....Those elephants are scarry scarry Rhoda!

Lana said...

you can already tell that your new niecey is a cutie and well dressed!!!