Friday, August 15, 2008

Weekend Warriors

Most any nice weekend around our house (that we don't have to be gone) if you were to stop by, you'd find the fam packed around the chiminea! Of course by family you know I mean Brad & Wayde too. It's so much fun and makes me never want summer to be over! Here's a few pics from the past couple months of us doing what we do best, enjoying our backyard!!


Jessica Zevely said...

How cute..I wish we lived closer! I wish I could have come yesterday too!!! It sounds like you guys had SOOOO much fun! I'm happy Ari had Tatum and Candy to play with....I am so jealous I couldn't come!

Ariana said...

That is a cute pic of Ari and D on the chair! I wouldn't mind seeing a few more pics of your lovely sister on that blog of yours.u