Friday, November 7, 2008


Last week my sister and I took the kids to the Seattle Aquarium. It was one of our last sunny warm fall days! The kids loved seeing all the sea critters..Ari even touched a couple (you know my brave kids, that's a big thing!)..not sure when she got more brave then D who wouldn't go near them. He was however super excited about the pirates that were everywhere. Actually they were skeletons for Halloween, but he thinks those are pirates, and I'm not about to explain to a 2 1/2 year old what a skeleton really is?? Best part for little Ari (& big Ari too) was Red Robin for lunch I'm sure! Must be something with the name..but those girls LOOOOVE Red Robin!!
Here are some photos from our fun day! I even snuck one of a little baby bump!



Little baby bump in octopus jail


Jessica Zevely said...

So cute, and (big Ari) looks so cute....I am jealous of the can barely see, but good job Georgia for sneaking that :)

I'm so happy Ari (little) was brave and touched some sea critters...I wouldn't do that...eeew...slime & grossness...ha ha!

Ariana said...

Perhaps the no makeup, haven't-washed-hair-in-5-days is not the best look for me.... :(

Mmmm Red Robin sounds good though!

Lacey said...

So are you Gebow's ever not doing something fun?! I am sooooo jealous!! Looks like you all had fun and I am with Ari and Ari, I love Red Robin.

By the way I so didn't even realize that Ari and Tatum had the same halloween costume! I think it is because Ari's is pink. I tried to get Tatum to buy that one. We should have them dress up and have a photo shoot!!