Friday, May 8, 2009


We found out at Ari's scoliosis appt this week that there are going to be some big changes around here. Her "curve" has gotten quite a bit worse over the last 6 months. The Dr. shocked us with the news that this means Ari has to be in a brace probably until she is out of school (as in High School). It's a pretty hard constrictive brace, but it is worn under the clothes, and apparently isn't always too noticeable. She has to wear it everyday for 18-20 hours. I'm still at the point of being really upset, and not yet to the "things could be a lot worse" where I'm hoping to get to soon, and deep down I really do know that is true. We are so lucky she is here and "healthy" and happy. I have heard these are usually harder on the parents, and kids tend to get used to them pretty quickly. I was just so shocked when he said how long this would be. We know this wont correct the scoliosis, but we're hoping this will slow it enough to not have to think about surgery. Which is pretty tolerable, but also requires surgery every 6 months until she is done growing. I'm praying that this brace will do the trick and slow things down. We saw the X-rays and it was quite noticeable from her last appt. I knew it had gotten worse, and I was really really nervous for this appt, I guess that is my mothers intuition.

I have to call next week to schedule an appt for an MRI and brace fitting. They will do it together since she needs to be under sedation for it. The brace is custom fitted to her body, I would assume by the time it's finished she'll be in it in around 3 weeks. The reason for the MRI is just to make sure everything looks OK. The doc's mentioned that sometimes with scoliosis a cyst can form, but he didn't seem too concerned that this was her case (since she doesn't show any signs or anything at all) but since she has to be under sedation for the fitting, it seems better to be safe than sorry.
So that is the news around here...I've been bumming, but am getting better! Ari knows about her brace, we told her, and how often she'd have to wear it, but are trying to not make it a big deal to her, so unless she brings it up we're kind of just going along like normal. My tears have been attributed to my "hurt knee" wink wink. She usually doesn't miss a beat, but I really don't think she knows the real reason I'm upset so that's good!!


The LePiane's said...

Big squishy hugs and wet kisses to you and the fam, Georgie. I'm so sorry to hear this news, but know that everything's going to be okay...she's so brave and such a fighter, and so are her amazing parents. We love you!

Kristin said...

Oh, I'm sorry you're having to go through this! She won't be too bothered by it, I bet...well, not nearly as much as you! I had to wear one of those as a teenager for scoliosis, and though it was annoying, it certainly didn't scar me for life ;)
No more tears!!! Enjoy the sunshine this weekend, and think of other things! Lots of hugs!

Beth Zarling said...

I am so sorry. Good thing she is so damn cute no one will ever notice the brace. It's so hard to see you kids go through anything tough, much less something you know is going to effect them for so long. You are a great mommy.

Lana said...

Sorry George. I can't imagine how hard it would be to watch your baby go through that. But, if this brace is designed to be worn everyday, I'm sure they make it pretty comfortable. And, pretty soon it will just be Ari's reality. It still totally sucks. I have a back brace (of course) if you want to have it to wear with Ari
for solidarity. That may be a terrible idea, but it's yours if you want it! Maizey really wants to come play tag with Ari and Darren!

Fer said...

I am sorry too. I will be keeping you in my thoughts.