Sunday, May 3, 2009

A week in pictures...

...minus Noah. For some reason the universe does not want me to post any pics of Noah and my kids this week. I have tried 3 times to get the photos from my sis' camera to my computer and each time they are gone. These are some really really cute photos too!! So, until she gets home and emails them to me, it's just my cute kids you get.

How could I ever say no to this face??

Or these buns??

We had a little party at my dads so everyone could meet Noah...D is really really into him, it's super cute!

Auntie Jennie & baby

Uncle Guy (Ben)

His hair is finally getting long enough for me to do! This might be one of my new favorite pics of D.
I'll be honest, I really like my bangs in this picture...blurry or not it's going on the blog!
This week I made cupcakes for our friends Shannon & Griffin's wedding. Griffin is Tim & Jodi's son, who I have known since I was born practically!!

I made 150 cupcakes plus a small round cake for cutting (for pictures really) and a big cupcake for the "topper" & for them to save & eat on their 1 year anniversary!

Ari was also a flower girl in the wedding and did really good! I did have to walk down the isle with her & the ring bearer which I wasn't really ready for. I told Jon normally when I know lots of people will be looking at me I make sure and suck in my stomach really good, and this was so last minute I'm pretty sure I forgot. I'm banking on the fact that Ari looked so cute no one even noticed me. Anyways- Here's the top cake & cupcake, my favorite part!!
It was no easy task making 100's of small sparkly flowers!! But always worth it because they look so cute!!
I was really happy with how they turned out!
My little flower girl
Just like her Grammy waiting for a refill..

Being REALLY REALLY cooperative for a photo!!

Seriously..this shirt is insane...sooo cute..
Sneaking a smile..I am so in love with this little guy!!
Saving the best for last!!


jon and nichole said...

first off -- love the pic of d, naked with boots...super freaking cute -- love your bangs -- and LOVE that you made all those cupcakes!! wowza!!

btw -- nephew, super super cute!!

Lana said...

noah is so cute. it's too much. also, georgia, i think that you should probably start baking for a living. you could pull in some good money doing what you did. your cakes looked beautiful.

e$ said...

I agree with Lana. You need to bake for a living - the detail was amazing on those cakes! That picture of Darren is SICK cute. And Noah is beautiful!

Kristin said...

D is gonna kill you when you show his first girlfriend that picture of his naked little buns! Ha! Un, that cake and the cupcakes are freakin' amazing! Way to go!
Your kids are the cutest! I always get a smile on my face just looking at all of your wonderful pictures of them!
So, seriously, when are we getting the kiddos together? Bring some of that fun over here!!!

Beth Zarling said...

Your cake and cupcakes were beautiful!!!!

Fer said...

I am really enjoing reading your blog and watching your photos :)

The Francois Family said...

The picture of Darren in the boots is hilarious! Both your kids are so cute, and now you've got a cute nephew added to the bunch. And, that cake and cupcakes are amazing! You did a fabulous job!