Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cousin Maizey's FIRST birthday!

It's hard to believe that Maizey is already 1!!! Seems like just yesterday Jessica and I were leaving for Cancun and Jess specifically looked at Lana's belly and told little Maizey to WAIT until we got back to make her appearance...I guess from day one that little girl has had a mind of her own!! My kids adore her and so do I. I'm so lucky to have Lana (Maizey's mom) be not only of my my closest friends but also family!!
I missed Maizey's party but Jon took the kids and it looks like everyone had a blast!! Thank you Erika for always taking amazing photos!

Probably the bravest thing my kids tried at The Little Gym:

Cousins Harper & Maizey
Looks like Jack and D are really giving each other the eye...
Whatever D is looking at he's either really excited or really scared..

Can't find D in this photo? Look for the child who looks like they can't follow directions:
I think this is from Maizey's family party at home (I stole it from Erika's photos). This shot is great, I'm sensing a little road rage already


Jessica Zevely said...

I'm so sad I missed the party!!! God she is cute. I love her! And Erika's pictures are amazing..I'm totally gonna hire her to take my kid's first pics!! LOL

e$ said...

Hey George - You forgot the most important picture of Maizey and Jack getting "intimate". LOL! Oh and in that picture of Maizey driving, I think she totally looks like a drunk, and angry sailor!

Anyway, you were missed!!