Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My little man

That's Noah...my little guy...He is the sweetest cutest best little baby ever! I had such a fun trip down to NM last week! Minus my trip home which I'll get to shortly. Noah is soooo cute and TEEENY TINY! Everything about him is little, little eyes, little nose....all perfect and adorable...he seriously looks like a little angel when he's sleeping (which I'm guessing Mama wishes he'd do a little more of). Can I just tell you he loved his auntie gg...I'm not just saying that! He really did! Sorry Grammy but the competition is on!! I fully plan on doing whatever it takes to be his favorite Auntie in the world!!
We didn't do much on while I was down there, which to a stay at home mom, is the best vacation ever!! I also got to have some NyQuil sleep. Now I'm not a drug addict, but before I had kids if i had a cold, NyQuil would give me the best deep sleep ever, (maybe occasionally if I didn't have a cold, c'mon!!) I don't like to take it now just in case i needed to wake up alert...unfortunately I woke up on my first day with a cold..i figured I'd try and make something positive about it! aaaaaah NyQuil..OK, this post really is about more than my love for doxylamine succinate ( I just googled that, I'm not that smart).
I didn't take as many photo's as I had hoped, spent too much time holding and singing to my bouncy boy. He loves to be in his room with the lights dimmed, and singing really quietly to him....he would just stare at me...uuugh, I'm in love!!

Before I get to my photos let me tell you about my trip home. I was using a Buddy Pass from Southwest. Basically means I'm flying on standby, so I can go on any flight, just as long as there's one extra seat, seams pretty easy, my mom and sis have both done it no problem, and I flew down to NM with one. The only flight the told me I could for sure get one was an early morning flight from NM to Denver, then to Seattle. Bill and I got up at 3:30 to go to the Airport, my first flight to Denver was late b/c the pilot & co-pilot overslept in their hotel down the road (random?). I got to Denver 45 min before my flight home and found out it was overbooked, as in oversold "real" tickets, they bump people for these but not for people like me on standby, so I didn't make it on that flight. I did however meet a lady named Jenn who was on that flight going home to Seattle but offered to get bumped for a free ticket. We both got a flight from Denver to Sacramento later that day. In line to board that plane and it had mechanical prob. After about and hour in line, they decided it couldn't be fixed, so we got a new plan in a new terminal....in line again, (finally) they announce this plan was originally going back east and now has too much fuel so they are bringing a fuel truck to empty some....sit down.....OK, back in line again, I'm really gonna board now...nope. They couldn't get enough fuel out...we have to wait for a new plane, and we get another new terminal. Moving on, I got on a flight w/ my new bff Jenn from Denver to La.. Other than the fact that we both thought we were going to crash when landing because it felt like a roller coaster, that flight was easy. Until I tried to get on the LA-SEA flight..nope...sold out..Jenn offered to get bumped and let me have her seat, but they don't do that for stand by passengers which was a bummer, but how nice is that?? I'm so happy I met someone so nice to spend the day with!! I bid her farewell and finally found out there was another flight leaving that evening to Seattle, there were two open seats, but if they happen to get them sold at the last minute I would be out, soooo reluctantly, I had to purchase one of the tickets, and my standby ticket was no longer good...can I tell you how much i HATE spending money like that, but it was a gamble either way, with my luck if I didn't purchase the ticket I know the plane would have been overbooked. (just an FYI, there was an open seat at the end, grrr). I don't need to go into the detail of food/booze/passing out that happened while I was waiting for my FINAL flight at LA...Sorry for the long story, I had to get that out!

I love this picture, even though he is not thrilled about his bath...sooo cute..

I'm pretty sure those eyes are saying " I love you auntie"

My voice is super annoying in this video, and it's kinda long, but I pretty much think he's the cutest thing ever!!

ooops, I just got a new computer, and my sis had sent me all the pics that she took while I was there of Noah and I together, and they are already on my old computer...I'm on a roll though and need to get this post done while I can...I'll post them next time.

I have a few pics from Ari's birthday party this year too that I never posted. This year she opted for a family/friend party together and wanted a Pizza Party at Alfy's...
I took her to Safeway to pick out ANY cake she wanted out of the book, and instead she just chose the biggest chocolate cake she could fine with no decorations!
Tatum was her only friend that could make it, which devastated me, all I could think of was her little feelings being hurt, but Ari adores Tatum and was sooo sooo excited that she was coming she didn't seem to care about anything else, thank goodness!! We def. need to get these girls together more often...

YaYa and baby Jack..Tatum's little brother, and another possible future Seahawk?
I love this picture of Great Grandpa showing Ari the pics he got!
And this is just funny..
I'm pretty sure D thinks this one was for him
soo many gifts! We let Ari open her gifts on the pool table, I just realized that my Aunt Roxy is in the back of every shot ready to catch Ari if she falls off...she is sooo my mom's sister...lol


Lacey said...

Oh my gosh, Noah is soooo cute!! I am positive his eyes are saying he loves his Auntie!! I love the pictures of Ari and Tatum, they are so cute! We definately need to get them together more often!! I have to tell you Darren was so cute at Jack's Birthday party. Josh told me he kept going to him and saying " Hey guy, play cars with me!" So Josh is now to be referred to as Guy!!

Lana said...

Noah is such a cutie, those eyes are amazing! I'm so glad you got to go down, and I'm even happier that you posted--finally! I hope you enjoy having your sissy in town this week, I know you will!