Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gingerbread Houses

We were planning on decorating these on Thanksgiving, but as I should have expected time ran out! Not sure how I thought I was going to squeeze that in there..not to mention the mess i would have had on my hands on top of the regular thanksgiving mess!! I'm glad i waited! The kids decorated them on Monday and they turned out pretty cute! Ari did her all by herself, and D only needed a little help. It took everything I had not to do them and make them all cute and perfect...I figured it might take the fun away if i start judging my toddler's decorating abilities. I think next year I'll get myself one too! I do love doing that kind of stuff!
Oh, and D got a new if he needed to be any cuter??

Such concentration:

Ari's finished house:
D's finished house:


jon and nichole said...

i love em!

Stacy O said...

So cute! The kiddos could totally work in a bakery!