Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas, finally!

Christmas Eve morning started with an early visit from euro-Wayde, I mean Santa Wade...He came by and dropped some presents off for the kiddos. He's such a good best friend to D. Just ask Darren who is best friend is...he'll tell you..."Wayde my best friend"
My cake! "white chocolate obsession cake"
My kids were really lacking this year, this is before Santa came...
Christmas love...
Uncle Brad did good!
Missy with her Barbie Diamond Castle stuff...talk about a cult...
Fancy ladies
Santa always brings the kids new jammies on Christmas eve
D in his new jammies, having his dinner (see video below). This kid's a health nut
After dinner bro's
Leaving cookies & chocolate milk for Santa
More lovin'
Santa did come, I guess the kids were good this year...coulda fooled me
Seriousness opening presents
Ari and her "Baby Alive" she poops & pees...She's actually quite needy.."play with me mommy, I'm hungry mommy, I'm full mommy, gotta go potty,hurry hurry, can i have a hug, can we sing..." that thing NEVER STOPS! Kind of like a real baby!
New Spidey Shades

After gifts at home we went over to YaYa & Grampa's house and what do you know, Santa had been there too!
Ari opening her Princess Liana dress...
Less than a minute later...
Diamond Castle tea-set...sensing a theme here for Ari..
After YaYa & Grampas we went over to Jon's Uncle Kirks house. Literally the best meal ever..I wish they hosted a "christmas dinner" once a month...we'd be there. I didn't get any photo's but we had a great time and got to see all the cousins on that side that we never see which is always fun! They are all so fun and nice. I can't wait for next year!
*Note to Janet, I will be needing more frosted sugar cookies next year...!!
This was Ari's big gift this year...I had cleared out that corner of room room the weekend before so it would be all ready! She was so excited (so was I ) and she just loves taking care of her new dollies in here!
A few extra shots from xmas week:
I had to take Ari to the Doc's for her cold, and all the nurses thought she was looking especially cute, I agree'd and figured i better get a shot. Yes, my camera is glued to me!
Grammy took D to the mall while we were at the docs and surprised me with this new hat/jacket...I heard he was turning some heads as well! He calls it his cowboy hat...I said he was cute, not a genius!
This was just funny because D didn't eat much for dinner on xmas eve..too busy. But I found him in his room later with his version of a Holiday meal:

Then my mom and I were in the kitchen after Jon went to bed and D came out to find us:

Quick shot of D opening gifts at YaYa & Grampa's...He certainly didn't need any help this year!


Beth Zarling said...

Those are all so cute. I can't believe that have such a demanding baby doll either.

The Francois Family said...

So cute! Don't the holidays just get more fun every year with the kids?? And next year you'll have your little nephew added to the mix!
I got your comment about getting together sometime and that would be great! I just live in Bellingham, so really not that far and am in Lynnwood at least a couple weekends a month. We'll have to figure something out one of these days!

The LePiane's said...

I cannot believe how grown up Ari looks in that picture you took at the doctor's. She's GORGEOUS!!!! Just like her Mama.

Jessica Zevely said...

Neat. Really Neat.

JK...seriously though, those videos of Darren??? Out of control...And I have to agree with Jill about the doctors office outfit. That sweater and the boots are SO cute. I want those boots!