Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I'm actually posting an update can you believe it! There really isn't too much to report, which is always good I suppose. We've been chuggin' along enjoying this crazy wonderful weather! The kids love it because we can get back to the park and I love it, well actually I really just love that the new season of TV has started! I'm lame, I know.. but being a stay at home mom who spends 100% of my time busy with the kids, it's my one thing I love! Jessica asked me the other day what shows I couldn't miss, and when I typed out my response it was a little embarrassing...OK, enough about me, I know ya'll just care about my cutie patootie kids!
D finally out-weighs Ari! I know he's always been so big, but somehow she has still always weighed more than him until now. He's about 35lbs of pure love and Ari's around 33. I'm trying so hard to get her up to 35...so hard when she just wants to survive on bread & butter (literally). So far they have been healthy, unlike myself who got a bad case of the flu last week! I'm nervous as always for winter and just want to get it over with..She was so sick last year I can't imagine doing that again...but I will as I always do!

Jon's keeping busy with side jobs & work and I'm always busy and all is good around here!

I just wrote a whole lot about nothing...so here's the good stuff:

Enjoying a fire, maybe the last of the year??
D thought this was maybe the coolest game ever...
Getting into the pillowcase with the big pillow..that's a game right?
I love this pic! From a while back when Jess & Lana came over for dinner..Classic Jess with all the kiddo's having fun!
Our neighbors took Jon and I to the Packers/Hawks' game a couple weeks ago. They are from WI, Jon is emotional about the hawks. Let's just say it was interesting...

Me, Stacy, Wayde & Jon
We had a great time! Even if we did loose, bad..very very bad. At least Jon didn't try to beat up any old ladies, or his cousin, or me this time!!
The kids at Ya Ya & Grampa's house for Auntie Sarah's jewelry party. They loved this friend of Vicki's! It was so cute! It takes someone pretty fun for Ari to not be stuck to my side during a party!!
Notice D's ears...wearing Grammy's fancy earrings..
Ari and I got to my moms BFF Jodi's birthday party last week! We had so much good food I wish my mom's friends could cater all my parties!
My mom and Jodi:
Ari and the ladies:
My friend Nichole had her little teeny tiny baby a couple weeks ago, early! right before her shower at Jessica's house. Lucky for us we not only got to have the baby shower, but also see the baby! She is so tiny and perfect! I think her mommy has decided it was more of a "first week birthday party" rather then a baby shower...Lana also brought Maizey and I didn't have my kids there so I got to play with her a bit which will always just make you happy!
I love this pic of Maizey because she has black beans on her face! lol
Worlds best auntie/nanny/friend
Kids getting ready to head to the pumpkin patch last weekend.

Believe it or not, D was having much more fun in the wheelbarrow than Ari...Apparently I didn't capture that!

OK, this was hilarious..maybe a little inappropriate but oh well...

We had a Little sex-ed lesson at the pumpkin farm as well. They have a little animal farm there...this pigs were, well, feeling frisky...D kept yelling out: "he get up there, he get up there". Scroll to the next picture...lol


jon and nichole said...

i love all the pictures you posted, you have been soooo freaking busy by the looks of it...i had a lot of fun with you at ella one week party -- your cupcakes - AMAZING - and im still craving them...

what pumpkin patch did you go to?? the one i went to was LAME -- no pumpkins left, so it was pretty sad!!

hope to see you soon and i hope you are feeling better!

Kristin said...

Um, the pigs...that freakin hilarious! I love all of your kiddo pics! You guys seriously look like you never stop having fun! We all need to get together and play again soon! Cole needs a little D influence! Currently, there's a lot of princess type influence and not enough dirty stinky boys around! (Not saying D's dirty and stinky...just boys in general...)

Ricki-Ratzzi said...

Porkin'. Love it! So glad you posted GG! I missed keeping up with the Northern Gs!

Lana said...

that pic of the kids in the wheelbarrow is so cute and darren looks so miserable--even if he wasn't! you've got some cute kids/ i've got some cute 2nd cousins!

Jessica Zevely said...

OMG...Finally! I'm so excited you posted this, and I'm honored that you called me "world's best auntie/nanny/friend"! That might just be the BEST compliment of my life.
Seriously, the kids in the wheelbarrow is adorable...
And the piggies...wow..."Get up there.." ha ha! I love it :)

Stacy O said...

Oh my gosh, the picture of Darren pointing to the piggies is priceless! LOL.
Great pictures, your kids are cute as always, and your mom is adorable!