Thursday, January 29, 2009

Santa Fe

Wow, it has been a while since I've updated! Sorry everyone, I'm sure a lot of you lost sleep over my lack of blogging....
The kids and I visited my sister & Bill at their new home in Santa Fe, NM this past week and had a blast! They have an amazing house right up in the mountains, or at least that's what it feels like when your there. It was blue sky & sunny everyday! The kids and I really made ourselves at home there! I was glad to see them not acting tired and fussy like they were on "vacation" time. It really just felt homey there...We didn't do a ton, just hung out and played ping ping! (yes, the house has a bedroom big enough for a ping pong table in it!)I finally got to feel the baby move! But we forgot to have little Ari feel and she had been asking about it since my sisters she's really sad...oops. We took the kids to the Children's Museum which was super fun! We will definitely be going back there every time!
D decided to start calling me "ma". He almost says it with a "hillbilly" accent and it's the funniest thing I've ever heard. "Dat's funny Ma" "you a winner MA". I'll try and record it sometime.
Ari walked into the kitchen one night when we were all hanging out talking, and all of a sudden I hear this little voice (thinking no one is listening) singing "You're hot and your cold, you're yes and you're no...) I just about lost it. It was so funny. I didn't even know she had heard that song before?? I guess it's better than singing "I kissed a girl and..."
All in all it was a fun relaxing vacation but we had to come home because the kids missed Jon so much. (just trying to be nice, actually they made it clear all they missed was Anna.) Ari was extremely worried Daddy wasn't going to feed her and give her water and play with her while we were gone.
Oh, couple other funny things:
1: When the plane landed in Albuquerque, it was all quiet and Ari raised her arms up and did a big "whoo hoooooo", she had a few rows of people laughing.
2: When the plan landed in Seattle, Ari put her back pack on and said "whew, that was an easy flight"
3: Right when we were walking through the door in our house Ari put her bags down and said "oh, it's good to be home"... Love that girl
So far we are 4 for 4 for easy easy flights with the kids! I'm so relieved!!
OK, here are some photos from the trip, like I mentioned before (maybe?) I didn't get a ton of great shots, but now maybe people will stop harassing me about my blog:)

On our way to the airport. They like to sit here every time we leave and "wait for the bus"

Easiest kids to fly with ever! Ari was out...
and D was out...
and Baby Alive was out.
They sat with Pappy the last lag of the flight. Should have been like this the whole way, my sis and I had the whole row to ourselves!
I LOVE this kitchen!!
The entry way to their house. Its a big fountain/pond up the steps on both sides, it's frozen now but I can't wait to see it in the summer!!
The house. And the awesome blue sunny sky we woke up to every morning!
On a family walk
Their house has a big wood play toy in the yard! its so fun!
D was trying to make his tummy look like Aunties. He always wants to see every ones belly. When he asked to see Ari's she showed him and he went " woooooowwwww" you had to be there.
At the Santa Fe Children's Museum. They have a D-I-Y face painting station. Ari's dream come true. Pretty nice mom for letting her paint mine as well. She did us as kitties.
Art station.
They had a huge area of just sand/dirt and shovels and wheelbarrows. D loved digging! He calls himself a "worker". (as in construction workers)
Auntie and Ari. Ari is still asking me if I think Auntie will let her paint her face next time we come down....Ari???
Lana, this one is for you...
D and his new "best friend" he met at the museum. His sister kept calling him scooby, I don't know if that's his real name, but it was kinda random.

Take two on the face painting
That's really all the photos i got on the trip. Sorry there isn't more of the house! These next ones are just funny to me. D was getting a little restless on the flight home, so I let him and Ari have my camera. There is probably at least 75 photos they took, i just posted the ones i thought were funny!

This one is my random

D isn't as good as sissyana yet at the self portraits


The LePiane's said...

I can't believe you were blessed with two great fliers! Lucky "Ma". The snow in the pics threw me's just a newer version of Mexico - sunny and 75 every day!

Ariana said...

Cute pics! Bill misses D :(

And tell Ari next time she can paint my face...

Charlie, Bill and I all miss you guys... hope you are coming back soon.

mimi said...

hey....didn't you have a shower for your sister before you left? i am sure the people would like to see pictures of that fun day!!!

Kristin said...

Um, I wanna go on vacation there! What a beautiful house! I always enjoy your pictures! Your kids are just so darn adorable, and always REALLY having a good time - makes me smile!

Jessica Zevely said...

OMG I LOVE the pics of them sleeping...especially Baby Alive. That house is amazing! I can't wait to see it in person. We need to plan a GG and JZ trip to AZ soon to visit sissy.

The Francois Family said...

Looks like a fun trip! Ari is looking too good for being 36 weeks pregnant. Alexis loves that I kissed a girl song. She walks around singing about liking the taste of her cherry chapstick. Inappropriate, maybe, but definitely funny! Thanks for the update, I love reading your blog.

Rachel said...

George - I am in stiches!! Baby Alive is funny, but D's self portrait and the Random Mag cover with the magic touch is hilarious!! Looks like you guys had a blast!! The face painting is awesome too. You guys heading back when Ari has your nephew??

Lana said...

how is it that I never commented on this???? i can't believe that your sissy has so few days left of her pregnancy, that went fast--for me at least! these photos are adorable. thanks for that extra special worm post in my honor. i'm going to make it my desktop photo! but seriously, it's time for an update!