Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I LOVE Chelan

We spent this last week at Lake Chelan with Jessica & Greg. We had soo much fun, Chelan is even better than I remember as a kid! The kids had a blast, and Ari conquered some major water fears...she started jumping off the side of the pool, swimming around (in her life jacket) alone in the pool, dunking her head a couple times, and even TUBING! I'm sure most people who know my little scared girl are just as shocked to hear this as I was to see it! She actually went twice! D was just as awesome. Jon and him actually had a little "crash" off the tube and went under the water, as D tells the story "I did a big crash and went under the water just like a FISH". Neither of the kids barely left the water.
The weather was perfect and our condo was perfect and the company was perfect! We had friends up most of the week and I think our last night was the only night it was just the two families! Wayde even came up with his boat, even though he had a broken arm and couldn't get in the water..what a trooper! We ate really good food, and the boys (well Greg really) did most of the cooking which is just an extra bonus for me!
The trip wasn't entirely injury free...while Jon and Greg were playing tennis early on in the week, Greg tore his big muscle in his calf. Huge bummer, but luckily he decided that staying off your feet in Chelan is better than staying off your feet at home! Darren also decided to spray some sun screen DIRECTLY into his eyes from about 1 inch away, poor guy had red swollen eyes for a while.
I won't bore you with any more words, here's the good stuff:

This is how I spent most of my days...in the pool with the kiddos. Jessica's brother Juan came up with his little boy Jackson, who is 5. The kids had a blast with him, he is the cannon ball king!
Ari, D & Jackson
Jon's pool
Jess & I took the kids to one of the craft sessions Wapato Point does, we were making fruit loop necklaces.
This was all D wanted to put on, too busy eating them!

Love this picture!
I promise there aren't TOO many self portraits here...

That's my sassy girl
We jumped off the boat in the middle of the lake, a first for Ari. Note that my very chicken 5 year old Ari jumped in, and Jessica would not!! D & daddy tubing!
I still cannot believe she did this!

We made a cake for Greg & Jess's 2 year anniversary, can you guess who decorated it?

Such a healthy snack!
Catching up on some reading on our last day
D couldn't get enough of the trash magazines
Just the girls took a trip into town on our last night...always a chance for a photo opp with Ari.
So cute with our matching sweatshirts
Photo shoot gone wrong!
He really did love the boat
Wayde's daughter and her boyfriend...oh to be 15 again huh? I was pretty impressed!
Boating fool or supermodel?
Jenn & I barely on the tube...Wayde was not being so gentle with us!
Surprises from Greg!

He LOVED driving the boat.

This is the sign of a good vacation day!
The injured guys watching us jump in the lake for our nightly swim!
And our one and only group shot!


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Looks like a FUN trip! Maybe your sister and nephew can come for a few days next summer??

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That looked like a great time!