Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Scoliosis Brace Update

Ari had her first check-up with her Ortho doc yesterday since wearing her brace. He wanted to get an X-ray of her spine with the brace on after she had been wearing it a couple weeks. The X-ray looked good, and the brace is doing what it should at this point. It's not that the brace is correcting the scoliosis at all, they are just hoping it will slow down her progressive scoliosis. Wearing the brace straightens her spine while it's on, however, if we were to take it off, and get an X-ray, it would show her curve back to what it was...if that makes sense? Overall I felt good about the appt. It's all we can do now is hope the brace does the trick and avoid surgery. In my honest opinion, and I'm not being just a pessimist (we all know that's not me!) I think she will eventually need the surgery, but having it when she is grown more, and a bit older is much much better! Oh, and the Dr. came right in and let us know that her MRI results were all good! Yay! So we know there are no other issues that are causing progressive scoliosis, just CDH.

As far as her brace goes, Ari is doing really great with it. I won't say she loves it, but she is doing better than I thought she would! I guess EVERYONE is right, these things are harder on the parents than the kids.

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suzi said...

You are such a good mommy...thanks for the update from the test results. My cousin has asked about your mom a couple of times...maybe we should talk ;]