Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm thinking it's time for us to invest in a new computer! My computer has officially crashed and I can't check my email, or my myspace! What's a stay-at-home-mom to do??

Not a whole lot to report anyways, just hanging out enjoying these summer days, though I have already officially decided to stop caring if it's nice out, It has been fun getting the kids back in their swimsuits!!

Here are a couple of the photos I was actually able to get onto my computer!

Surprise!! Ari decided to cut her hair!!
I didn't think she could get any cuter, but she always amazes me...

D finally got his haircut too, everyone should be happy he doesn't have a "rat tail" anymore!

Good Times, Cute Kids:

Funny stuff, maybe just to me!

D loves to get on my bed and go under the covers and call it his house. When Ari tries to go under with him he freaks out and starts yelling "get out of my house"..."get out of my house"...10 points for anyone who can name the movie...other than my sis, I know you know!!


rosieposie said...

Adventures in Babysitting!? LOL love your kiddos!

Ariana said...

I like Ari's boxer briefs!

Jessica Zevely said...

before I look at anyone else's comment..ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING!!!

Ari's hair is the cutest ever!