Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's Always Sunny in Granite Falls

Saturday was such a beautiful day! It was such a teaser though! Ari spent the day in her swimsuit of course! I was a little "tired" from a late night with Jessica on Friday! but still got to enjoy the day!
I finally got to meet baby Jack! He is soo sweet and sooo soo cute! He slept in my arms for about a 1/2 hour!! I brought my camera and forgot to take pics!!
I left the kids at Grammy's while i was there, then we met up at the park by her house. The kids love these big cool saucer-like swings they have there!

And of course Darren's favorite thing is the big slide! He loves to go down, and watch the big kids climb up it!

Darren is pretty hard to get photos of these days! He is always on the go!! The rare chance he stops for a photo op, he always gives his "big smile", which is cute as can be, but not always the best for framing photos!!

We spent the rest of the day at Grammy's playing in the backyard. The kids were sporting there new clothes/swimsuits from her trip to Scottsdale. Do you think Ari liked her new swimsuit?

Yes, Darren HAD to wear this pink princess helmet while we were on a walk, that's my manly man!

And finally my funny little girl being, well, Funny!

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Stacy O said...

Why do I have the feeling Ari is going to be Miss Teen USA one day? Haha, what a little ham. That park looks so cool too! Glad you guys had a good day yesterday. And what's with this weather today??? Argh.

Jessica Zevely said...

I'm still waiting for you to update this...I thought you said that you would be better at this than far, not so good...YOU SUCK.