Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Things She Says

Ari is full of funny conversations these days...i try to write them down..heres a few of our best ones that have us laughing for days...
"when can i get my own credit card?"
-When your 18.
"when im 18?? Yeaaaaah, I love MONEY!!"
-You'll have your own job then.
"my own job? Yeaaah, you'll be there too right mom?"

"I'm not a gebow any more, Im a Sneaky Snake"

"can we go to nordstrom and get a surprise?"

"mommy, please stop doing laundry for one minute and play with me, just one minute??"

"i love mommy, and daddy, and brother, and hannah montana,and lindsey lohan, and morgan"

My all time favorite that she says probably 10 times every day...
"i love you mommy, i love you bigger and more than that, your my BEST FRIEND"

Heres a few of her "posing" photos. BTW, i dont ask her to do this, everytime i get out my camera this is what she does..I love this girl

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Stacy O said...

Oh my goodness, Ari is HILARIOUS! I love that she wants you to be at her first job. So glad you are writing these down.
What a ham too. She is such a girly girl, love it!!!!!