Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Motorcycle Men

If there is one thing Darren likes, its things that are fast & loud! You can imagine how exciting it is to go to Ya Ya & Grampa's and "ride" the motorcycles!!
A couple weeks ago we went over to their house for dinner and D got to play on the bikes for a long time! Ari was busy "exercising" on the trampoline with Ya Ya and Jon was practicing on the bikes! He actually has gone out a couple times with his dad and is taking a class next month. I can see the next year we'll have 2 motorcycles, a couple boats, cars, trucks etc... Thanks Grampa Fred!!
Future Biker Dude !!

How do you start this thing?

I need to bulk up if they're gonna let me take this out alone!!

Cute Bikers!!

The boy takes his chocolate seriously


Jessica Zevely said...

Good job :)

Don't Be Frightened of Technology said...

These photos kill me! I love them. Way to go mini-Jon!

Lana said...

that pic of darren with the weights is the funniest thing ever! he's such a little manly man-minus his love of barbie nutcracker.