Monday, April 21, 2008

Mornings With Mommy

D's new favorite thing is getting up early! and i mean EARLY! as in 6:00, or 6:12 as it seems to be every morning. Up until now we have slept in till close to 8 everyday so this is quite the change for me. I started out being utterly annoyed, but now it has just turned into our quiet time together and I love it! From 6 till 8 is one of the only times he is calm, and just likes to hang out with me. I'll make some coffee and put in his new favorite Thomas & Friends movie and we just hang out on the couch for a couple hours! Ari usually doesn't get up until 8 and wakes up hungry and ready to go...Here's a few pics of him from a couple mornings ago...of course in his Thomas PJ's..I'm afraid he's becoming a little obsessed!! We've already had one Thomas addict in the family..I guess Clem is passing the torch to D!!
Mr. Cute Man tired in the morning!!

Choo Chooo Choo Chooo!!

Did I do that? Yes I did and proud of it!!

Shhhhh, don't tell daddy! no eating on his new chair!!


Jessica Zevely said...

Oh this is so cute..I love little man..he's such a pud. ;)

mimi said...

say the word and clem will hand down his Thomas The Tank empire!!