Friday, May 2, 2008

Hola little miss Maizey!!

Wouldn't you know I leave for my first real vacation in 5 years, and Lana has a baby while I'm gone!! While I was really upset that i couldn't be there, luckily I was in Cancun with Jessica (that's right, no husbands, no kids!!) and we were able to have a pretty good time! OK the best time! We literally did NOTHING but lay in the sun every day, all day. We slept in late and never left our hotel. It was the most relaxing vacation ever!! The best part is Jon and the kids had a blast while i was gone! I cannot believe how well they did with out me, it was re-assuring, and, I might have to take more of these Vacation things....OK, Future vacation planning aside...
Ryan and Lana welcomed Maizey into the world 4/25/08, she is the tiniest peanut ever weighing 5lbs 3oz. She is the cutest sweetest thing I've ever seen. I fell instantly in love with her!! So did Darren, he wanted to kiss her..and hold her. Maybe in a few years bubba...So here is some photos from the busy last week we had around here.
I'd like to look out my kitchen window and see this everyday please:

Our pool we had to ourselves everyday, even with its own bar!

My Favorite pair of flip flops EVER!!

I cannot believe I wasn't here for her arrival!
Maizey Louise & Mommy Lana

There's a new princess in town!!

How cute is this family?

This is maybe the sweetest picture I've ever seen


Jessica Zevely said...

Wow! I am VERY impressed with your blogging skills... I miss our hotel and pool and Jose brining us our Pina's :(

Stacy O said...

I am so glad you and Jess went to Cancun, a well deserved trip for you!!! Looks like you had a blast, and Maizy (wait, is that spelled right?) is adorable!!