Monday, May 5, 2008

She did it!!

After trying and trying very unsuccessfully, our little miss Ari is FINALLY Potty Trained!! It all happened very quick, and easy. As we suspected, she just needed to wait till she was ready and BOOM, done. We're going on about a week now with just diapers at night. She's only had 2 "oops" moments and she is just so excited about the whole thing! (as are we). I know she is over 4 and to most people that is so so late to potty train, but given everything Ari has been through, I found it better not to push her too hard, she has never taken to that very well. She likes to do things on her own time, her own way. She's definitely our little miracle and this feels like a really big step for her in the right direction!! Go Ari Go!!

Big Girl! No Diapers!!

Posing, of course

Darren cooking up some treats in the "kitchen"...

or, trying to break it and make it a slide

Sunny spring day!!


Stacy O said...

Yahhh Ari! You are right, they all do it when they are ready. Cute pics of the kids...can Ari be more girly and Darren all boy or what?? haha.

Lana said...

tell ari i said "you go girl!"