Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend!

We had a fun, quiet Memorial weekend! We had no plans, because we thought the weather was going to be yucky, but it turned out so nice!! We finally pressure washed our roof and car port which was badly neeeded! Jon got to borrow his dads bike again and go for a nice ride too!
Friday night we had our "movie night", kid's pick of course. So it was Stuart Little 3, and The Aristocats. Jon fell asleep during the movie, but the kids did not let him go down easy!! Then Ari and I slept on the couch, which she'd been wanting to do for a while!! I must say our new couch is waaay too comfy...I could sleep out there everynight!! Sunday my mom and I took the kids to U Village. It was so nice out..we let Darren get SOAKING wet in the fountains. It was soo funny. He actually had a crowd around him watching...i tried to get some photos & vids, but the timing wasnt perfect, I was too busy laughing. Also apparently since my last blog about him being scared of slides, he has gained some confidence. He went down the slide in the toy area there no problem, over and over! I guess he didnt want me spreading rumors about him being a chicken. After U Village we stopped by my grandparents house for a visit..and a round of naked tag, Darrens favorite game...I wonder how he'll feel about these pictures when he's older?? Enjoy!
Actually smiling normal for a photo!! Thanks D!!

These were some funny movies!!

Getting "Comfy Cozy"

No Sleeping during movie night!!

How can you not be in love with this monster??

Seriously..no sleeping Jon!

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Here's some cute ones from U Village

Darren tried to get all the other kids to get as wet as him..it was pretty funny..

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This little 1 year old was copying him and followed him in the water...then got a little scared..

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At Great Gandma & Great Grandpas house:
I have to thank Darren for covering himself so nicely for this photo op!

He LOVES flowers

Grammy and Ari being too cute

My grandparents have the best backyard!! Notice D towards the end doing his signature run..putting his chin up..funny boy

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I dont think Grammy knew I was taping this!!

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And finally ended the weekend with D and Wayde snuggling in the chair


Ariana said...

My what a CUTE dog you have in those videos!!

Jessica Zevely said...

When are you going to post videos of our "special" weekend together? :)