Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No News is Good News I guess!

I havent updated in a while..simply because not much is going on around here! We enjoyed the nice weather last weekend and got a lot done on our yard, had a bbq, and played pretty hard outside with the kids! I've realized Jon and I have raised the two most "chicken" kids in the world. At 2 & 4 neither of them will run through a sprinkler, they like to run right along the edge so they dont get too wet. Neither will just jump into a little pool, (and I mean LITTLE, as in 4in of water) after about an hour they will slowly start to sit down in it. Both are pretty scared of slides of all sized (even baby ones) and D still is scared of swinging. I actually thought i was kind of brave, but maybe not! Maybe now that their Dad is an official Biker Dude they will toughen up a little bit!!
Heres some pics from the last week or so!

Lookin' cute at the park

Ari sat here for a good 10 min before actually going down this SCARY slide!

They love the skate park here at our park

Look what someone did to the toys...how rude..

Mothers day brunch, just the girls. D got to spend the day with Grampa Fred!

Our neighbors gave us this cool Buzz Lightyear tent, the kids love it!!

Big suprise D likes to put it upside down and lay down on the top!!

Though he's scared of the slides, he loves to scare me and hang off the edge..this is ALL he wants to do at the park

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This is pretty good for Ari to be able to climb this! She was so proud she wanted me to video her!!

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Jessica Zevely said...

I LOVE (as in McLove) the videos. They are so freekin' cute. I just want to squeeze their little butt cheeks.

Auntie Jess :)