Monday, March 9, 2009

and the award goes to....

I'm sure I'll be getting the award for the Worst Blogger Ever pretty soon. Truth is there isn't much going on (including no baby yet!!). We've been laying pretty low trying to make it through a winter with no trips to Children' far so good (knock on wood). Such a bummer when Ari has to miss things she get's so excited for, like Tatum's birthday party!! I actually explained it to her and I think she gets it, it's just too bad that we couldn't take D either since it wouldn't do us any good to have him get sick and pass it to Ari. This is always her bad time of winter so we're just trying to make it through March with out going to any "kids" places. Her bday will be the last weekend so she'll get to see all her friends and play!!
Anyways, here are some photos from the last couple weeks, mostly of D's little family birthday party. Enjoy!

I decorated the house the night before his party after he went to bed. He woke up and had no idea what was going on! He was sooo excited!!
The birthday boy!

I took 5 shots of this, and this is the best one (literally) of Jon's eyes.
Grammy and the kiddos before the party
Luckily he has a big sister to help him out on his birthday!!
I found these pics on my camera, I didn't even know she took them, lol


Lana said...

you should just photoshop some eyes onto Jon because that's a really great photo of you--or just crop him out! i also like the one of ari's dollies, she's so funny...

Rachel said...

What Lana said!! I really like that great pic of you. Your WW is really paying off and you look great! And also, the dolls are hilarious. Your decorating too. I bet D was so excited!!