Friday, March 27, 2009

She's 5....finally!!

I can't believe it has been 5 years! Where oh where has the time gone!! 5 years ago today I was still in the hospital after her birth and Jon was at Children's watching over our little girl! We are so lucky that we have a happy healthy little girl home with us now. So many CDH parents don't ever bring their babies home, each year Ari has a birthday I just feel so lucky. All the stress her health causes me seems so un-important compared to what other families have faced/are facing. We are lucky lucky lucky!

Ari had a SUPER fun "real birthday". Since her party isn't until Sunday we decided to just make Thursday F U N!

SURPRISE! She woke up and found a little Dora cake that she got to eat for breakfast, and a couple presents!!

She could not believe she got baby alive some food~! Thanks Auntie...mommy never let's her get food for this dolly!!
New big girl outfit for her bday party~ (don't mind our walls in the background, we are mid-kitchen update)
She was trying to show D how to "sit like a model"??? lol
Next: We headed off to Country Village so Ari could get her nails done. Pappy came with us and played with D in the park while we did our girly stuff.
Out of about 10 shades of pink/purple, Ari chose Silver. Why am I not surprised.
Pappy & Ari at the park in Country Village. I had never been here before, or at least not since I was a kid, and it is sooo fun! I can't wait till summer we'll be here all the time!!
After the park Pappy took us to lunch at Taco Bell, and then off to Old Navy to get Ari the outfit he promised her after working so hard and learning all her letters!! She also had some money from Auntie Jennie so she picked out some lip gloss and paid all by herself..she loves to do that and get a bag & receipt!

Pappy & Sissy
Finally we headed off my grandparents house for dinner. Grammy surprised us and came with another cake for the birthday girl and some flowers!! She even got a little tea set from great grandma....lucky little girl!!
Then we got home and found flowers & balloons from Ya Ya & Grampa!! These flowers are pretty enough to eat...and she tried!!

One last shot my my cutie kids!
One shot of our new floors! I can't wait for our kitchen to be all finished!


Lana said...

cute cute cute. all i can say is cute. i love ari's new outfit and her nails. i also love your kitchen, it's coming along! you must be so excited!!

The Francois Family said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like a good time. Alexis just turned 5 last month and it's so strange to say I have a 5 year old! I have to register her for kindergarten on Monday! I met your family when I was 6, so our kids are almost the age I was when we met! That's so crazy!

Stacy O said...

Happy Birthday Ari! Aww, she is just so beautiful. Love her hairdo! Sounds like a great birthday.

(Love the new floors too!)

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Ari!!! My goodness, she's adorable! Cake for breakfast? You really are the coolest mommy EVER!!! Oh, and the floor looks beautiful! What a job! That's so exciting you're updating - it'll be so nice when it's all done!

jon and nichole said...

ahhh!! happy birthday from me ari...i cant believe she is five either...its crazy how time flies...

hope all is well

Beth Zarling said...

Happy birthday. I want a cake for my breakfast on my birthday tomorrow!

Special E said...

Happy Birthday Ari!!! I am so upset about all the sickness that resulted in our immediate family being "quarantined". I hope you all had a wonderful day!