Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good Times

As usual, not a lot going on around here. We have stayed healthy this last part of winter and I'm crossing my fingers that we stay that way. Seems like everyone I talk to is sick. So if you are sick, or have just been sick, please stay away from us! I'm going a little stir crazy here and can't wait to be able to go to the mall or the children's museum or someplace, ANYPLACE! I figure one more month of being extra careful....one looong month.

Pictures Pictures Pictures:

Mama & Noah

He's Awake!!

We went out to dinner with Uncle Brad on Saturday night, Ari and I dressed as twins & did our hair the same, we thought we looked pretty cute ;)
Ari and her favorite guys
We went out to a new BBQ place in Everett..Ari was so excited to get hot wings for dinner! If you know Jon and I you know we are big fans of meat, preferably off the bone smothered in sauce, so of course I'm thrilled that she digs right in. (actually if i cook boneless pork chops or something she always asks why I can't just leave it on the bone) That's my girl!

We are painting our kitchen (finally)!! The kids think painting on the walls is pretty much the coolest thing ever. Ari has decided she wants to be a painter when she grows up, no joke. It's better than Taco Bell which was her previous choice!
Ari helping daddy paint:
D had to get in there too
I just love this picture...


Ariana said...

Those pics of Ari are CUTE!!!!!

Lana said...

your little nephew is adorable. Seriously. So, did you guys end up painting the baseboard heaters?

Special E said...

Seriously Ariana, that's like the best new mom picture I have ever seen. Noah is adorable.