Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Summer is never coming,

so we'll make the most of the crazy blizzard we had here Sunday & Monday! We are still completely snowed in up here. OK, not "snowed in", but we are still totally covered in snow! Here's a few pics from Monday:
I told Ari to pose cute for a picture. I'm not entirely sure she hasn't been sneaking into my TIVO and watching E! How else did she learn this "over the shoulder pose"?

My Cutie Patootie almost 5 year old!! Crazy snow dog, it really makes her insane... D wasn't cooperating for photos, but I feel bad not having any of him on this is it.

Not that funny of a video, but I love Ari's comment at the very end. (please ignore my talking, I sound like a drunk smoker)


Kristin said...

My goodness! Ari can't possibly get any cuter!!! She so needs a red carpet to walk!
And yes, seriously, what's with this weather? Enough snow already!

The LePiane's said...

You ARE a drunk smoker.

Rachel said...

a drunk smoker???? GG - you are hilarious!

Jessica Zevely said...

U and me both sister....smokin and drinkin's what we do best... :)