Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Brace Day is here! We are home with the brace. I'll tell you this, I feel like it's the end & start of something. It's the end of the waiting "what's it going to be like" period. I had no clue what her brace was going to be like. They make them form fitted for each person's body & scoliosis type. The only example I ever saw was for an adult and it was pretty hard to tell what hers was going to be like. RELIEF. When Sarah, our nurse who brought it in who I love, walked through the door the first thing I thought of was how cute it was! They said they were putting some butterfly designs on it, and I pictured some cheesy stickers but it looks sooo soo sooo cute! It's all sort of a pink-ish, purple-ish color with really pretty butterflies ALL over it. It's also a little smaller and less intrusive than I had pictured as well!! They had her put it on and wear it for a while, then shaved it down around the edges where it was rubbing so it literally fits her to a T.
She is doing pretty good with it. I mean, she hasn't even had to start wearing it yet, but she is asking me TONS of questions, about what she can do with it on, and when she can have it off. My initial thought is that she will get the hang of it, and we'll sort of get a routine going for when she has it on/off. They wean you into wearing it, so today its just 4 hours, then a little more on and so 3 is the first day she'll wear it over night. After 6 days she'll be up to her full time schedule of 18-22 hours per day and no less than 16. Basically the more she wears it for longer period of times, the better chance we have of it actually working, so to me, we'll keep it on as much as possible. Luckily with a little girl her age who still naps during the day, really there isn't much more than 4-6 hours of hard play time for her a day anyways.
Sorry if I was ignoring your phone calls today! It wasn't because I was upset (like I thought I might be!). I promised the kids lunch out today and sprinkler in the back yard so I've just been busy!
So that's that. I'll keep everyone posted on how her first week is!

Grammy came with us and got Ari this new charm bracelet. They sell the charms there so now each time we go back to Children's she can get a new charm. Well this is what Grammy told her, which judging from the past might cost us and arm and a leg...she's worth it! She chose the butterfly charm today, how fitting!!


Ariana said...

The brace is awesome looking - she looks cute. Tell her Auntie, Uncle Bill and Cousin Noah love her!!

Beth Zarling said...

That brace is great. I am so glad they make them look so cute. It makes it so much easier. Ok, not SO much, but some.

Stacy O said...

The brace is really cute-so much better than I thought it would-I expected the big brace like the girl from "16 candles." The one drinking water from the fountain.
Ari is the coolest little girl ever.

And you look fabulous Georgia!!!

Jessica Zevely said...

I'm SO SO proud of her! And you! The brace is actually super super cute, I NEVER in a million years would have thought it would be that adorable! One good thing...Ari will have the smallest waist ever...lucky girl. :) Pretty soon she probably won't even notice that she has it on. She'll get used to it and so will you :)

Is Darren jealous? Does he want one with spiderman and batman on it? I'm surprised Ari didn't get one with spongebob on it!

Love you B!

Lana said...

Seriously, who knew that a brace could be cute? Not only cute, but fashionable??? Keep us posted on how things go. I can't wait for Ari to get her surprise next week!!

Lacey said...

Georgia the brace is soooo pretty! It is amazing what they can do with things for kids to make it easier! How is she doing with it?