Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Ari finally realized that you can put a sprinkler under our trampoline and jump on it while getting all wet. I was hoping to get one more summer of her not knowing about this! Makes me a little nervous (mom, stop reading now) since D doesn't really ever pay attention while jumping and Ari doesn't have the best balance in the world! But, they saw our neighbors doing it and there was no saying no.
Turns out they are "pretty" careful on it...and it's tons of fun!!


Beth Zarling said...

That is why it is so fun, all the danger!
Does Darrin ever where clothes outside?

The Francois Family said...

My kids like to do the same thing! So far, so good. It does get pretty darn slippery though. Love Darren's swimsuit - ha ha!

Stacy O said...

So cute! You guys have the coolest backyard ever! I love that Darren doesn't wear a swimsuit-Alex loves to be naked already and cries when we get him dressed. I am sure we'll be doing the same thing in a couple of years.