Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yes, I'm posting!

I know it's been a while since I last posted. Really I think my sister is just trying to make me look bad and post pictures everyday so that my kids are old news and Cousin Noah gets all the attention!!
Truth is I haven't taken very many photos lately, we've been here just hanging out getting ready for Ari to get her brace. She got fitted for it a couple weeks ago and we pick it up next Wed. A day I'm dreading but I know it will all be OK.
It's so nice out right now, I can't get over this weather. I love it! It's so nice to have my kids be old enough that I can just sit in a lawn chair for hours and watch them play in the pool/yard/sprinkler...and today, that is literally what I did. I also got in my swimsuit which apparently I never do even around my kids because they were both in shock. Ari said "you're getting in you're swimsuit?? Your the best mom EVER" and D...bless his heart said "Ma, you're a cutie pie" no joke. Why are they so cute?!
Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos

Last weekend I went to the M's game with Jon, Nick & Wayde...LUCKILY Jess & Greg ended up having tix & met us there, so Greg took my seat and I got to "watch" the game with Jess. By "watch" I mean annoy most of the people around us by not watching at all and talking the whole time..I'm sorry, but the actual game is BORING.

Jess & Jon...hmmmm???
We'll just say this was "late in the night"

He's always thrilled to take a self portrait with me...

Ari on the other hand, is the queen of them..I thought this was was hilarious...I found it on my camera...had to have Ariel in this photo too!
This one is from today..she really is just as good as her mama at self port. shots!! I love it!
Ari took this one..I love finding the photos on my camera when I let her play with it...Minus the cream cheese on his tank, isn't this the cutest shirt ever?? "I get my muscles from my DAD"
and of course had to have one that D took as well..
This one is for Big Ari..(she loves that name)...Love this hat!! Thanks Sissy
She calls this her "movie star lay"

Naked = Happy Boy = Happy Mama = Happy EVERYONE

My girl

Strange boy...cute bunz


Ariana said...

Ari is getting BIG! I can't wait to see her in a month (and 2 days)!

Also you look super skinny!

Lana said...

i LOVE the photos. those are some cute kids. and, the mom isn't too bad either!! i'm so glad you finally posted!

Jessica Zevely said...

Wow you DO look super skinny. I love all the pics....ESPECIALLY the one of me and my husband Jon.

Ariana said...

I can't wait to see D, too - I just realized I said Ari. How could I not be excited to see a naked bunz boy in a floppy sun hat. Cute hat, by the way - that must have been VERY expensive.

e$ said...

That naked baby is too cute! You look great. You make me want to go get my hair done...

jon and nichole said...

oh my goodness georgia!! you look AMAZING!! keep up the good work -- by the way, the kidd-o's are looking super cute -- i love the pics that ari took :)

Kristin said...

I'll have to agree - you look so skinny minny and amazing! The kiddos are cuteness as always! Seriously, when can we get together and play?!?

Beth Zarling said...

You do look fabulous! I know this is supposed to be about your kids, but damn girl!
Cute butt with the hat pic.

Lacey said...

I love the pictures!! I totally almost got the same muscle shirt for Jack!! School is out June 19th- let me know when you are available because I would love to get Ari and Tatum together over the summer!!