Sunday, June 21, 2009

Reunited and it feels so goooood...

Lilly & Juno were reunited Saturday night for Greg's big birthday bash after two long days apart! I wish I would have had my camera on me when they were playing outside, it was so cute. Minus the fact that my little Lilly may be a tad bit overzealous...every 10 seconds Juno was on her back being attacked by our little precious Lills. Sorry Juno if your sister scarred you for life. If I had to guess, Lilly was born before Juno because she definitely has the big sister gene.
How cute are these two, they slept like this for a good hour 1/2 or so during the party! Even with 5 little tykes all to anxious to wake them up!

Ari had a blast at Greg & Jessica's! Not that she doesn't always, but it's not very often there are other girls there for her to play with. She met little Audrey, who I must say puts all other kids to shame with her smarts & wits! She is only 3 and if you told me she was 7 I would think she was a little bit short, but believe you. I asked Ari later if she was having fun with the girls, and she said "ya, Audrey is really fun, and really helpfull to everyone. And a friend always helps". Hopefully we'll see the Sekora's at another Zevely function!
Before the party I took the kids to a free little truck show thing called Touch-a-truck at the Everett events center. There wasn't a whole lot to see, but for being free, and close to home, it was worth getting out for a bit! (nothing is ever free!) D got to climb in all the big trucks and there was even a free bouncy house there!
The kids in front of the Rockstar Monster Truck. Which was fitting because Ari told me her outfit made her look like a rockstar.

She may not be into trucks, but she was into showing off her new puppy. Taking a 1.5lb new puppy anywhere will guarentee you a lot of oooh's and aaaah's...she loved every minute of it.

Big D in the bouncy house:

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We are dog sitting our neighbors puppy Jack this week too! Yes, my house is a bit of a zoo, and I think Anna is considering running away, but it's all fun!

Jack says "what about me? I thought I was the only new puppy in town??"

No worries Jack, it's nearly impossible to out-cute a Puggle!

A few more cute pics from the weekend:

Still lot's of loves left for Anna...still the worlds best dog!


Jessica Zevely said...

Juno says "my daddy's been showing me which moves to use next time Lilly tries to pounce on me..he says I need to stick up for myself and not just lay there" That was seriously so stinking cute..I love them together! The fact that they took the longest nap on Juno's bed was the cutest too! I'm in LOVE!

Beth Zarling said...

THose are a bunch of cute dogs, from the new babies to the puggle to the old timer.

Lisa Sekora said...

Audrey had a great time too! Puppies or no puppies let us know when you are in the area!

Barb said...

congratulations on your weight loss Georgia:) Your kids are sooooo cute and I am excited to come to the birthday party and see them and those cut doggies. until then..Barb Maizeylou's grammy