Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Sissy!

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Ari,
Happy Birthday To YOU!

Seems like just yesterday when...
You were letting me be your maid for the day!
You let me be your student for the day and let me do real work.
You'd squeeze my arms in the hallway and tell me "mom and dad will never believe you if you tell them I hit you".
You let me help you clean out your desk, and though I wanted everything, you KNEW it was best if it got thrown away while I watched, but sometimes you'd let me keep a pencil or two.
We'd walk to Martha Lake Foods and you told me if I fell and got hurt you would leave me. I fell, you left, and I promised not to tell mom!
You would let me be your prisoner which just entailed me getting tied to a chair and put in the closet for a while!
You told me I was an accident.
You told me I looked like a boy.
You told me I looked like a monkey, so I tried to tape my ears flat.
You told me I looked like Boy George and started calling me that.

The list goes on and on...Somehow I still had the best childhood ever with the best sister...! Happy Birthday!


Beth Zarling said...

Ahhh, childhood. It sounds like you and your sister got along better than my sister and I did!

Jessica Zevely said...

you are killing me...I'm not kidding you....squeezing your arms in the hall...martha lake...throwing stuff away in front of you....she was a VERY nice I have tears coming out becuase i'm trying not to laugh out loud at work.

e$ said...

Ouch. It sounds a lot like how Lana treated me... Chasing me into bathrooms with a knife. I would have to lock myself in just in case she decided to go truly mental!


Ariana said...

You forgot when I used to "pretend" to burn you with the hot curling iron!!

Lana said...

okay, not to use your comment area as a way to have a conversation with my sister, but whatever, erika treated me the EXACT same way as Ari treated you. erika must be drunk. anyway, they're lucky we still love 'em. they certainly don't deserve it ;-) happy bday big ari!